Modern Trim for a Modern Home

January 27, 2015

Your home’s rooms contain a wide variety of opportunities for customization and detail-work. Everything forms the walls to the ceiling to the floors is up for debate, and in a home with the right interior designer and home construction teams, you can have a truly original, beautiful, and comfortable room indeed. It isn’t just a matter of the surfaces in the room, either; its smaller details, like lighting, paint, ventilation, and more can all prove just as critical to creating the feeling you want in a room. One detail that sometimes is relegated to the arena of last minute and not-thought-about is that of your trim and molding, yet this can often be a critical part of a room’s presentation. Today, you have many options for the trim used in your home.

Finding Your Trim

Trim is most often included along the ceiling and floor, but it doesn’t just have to be there; it can be included along the middle of the wall, or really at any point along the wall, as well as around windows, doors, and entrances, or used to highlight fixtures and features like bookcases, panels, and more. Just using trim for your floor and/or ceiling is the old way of doing things; a more interesting use of the great design you choose for your trim is to work it into what people regularly see and take in.

What, exactly, your trim looks like depends entirely on your personal tastes. There are certainly standard, plain, boring styles of trim, but you needn’t limit yourself to blocky, generic trim. It is easy to customize the look, design, and feel of trim to your particular tastes, and really, your imagination is the only limit you face! Big and chunky trim, wide trim, thin trim, scrawling trim, multiple layers or particularly elegant, they’re all options for you.

A Wealth of Options

You also are not limited in your selection of materials and color for your trim. You can use wood, of course, which is a classic choice, but you can also use plastic molding that requires absolutely no finishing and which can bear trauma a bit better than your typical wood molding, though lightweight woods that are paintable and stainable often have a real, organic look and feel to them that just can’t be beaten. It all depends on what you want in your home, and with trim, that’s entirely up to you!