5 Modern Ways to Use Terrazzo in Your Decor

September 10, 2019

The composite known as terrazzo isn’t a new building material. But, homeowners, interior designers, and home builders are finding new, exciting, and modern ways to incorporate it within new homes. There are many ways to enhance a home’s aesthetics with this reliable and durable material. Plus, it adds a unique style and luxurious finish to many rooms. Here are a few modern ways to use terrazzo in your decor:

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a compound with a cement base that features chips of granite, marble, glass or other materials exposed on the surface and ground to a smooth finish. The polished resinous finish gives terrazzo its reputation as a lustrous and durable floor, wall covering, and surface material. With proper care, terrazzo flooring can easily last 75-100 years or more!

5 Modern Ways to Use Terrazzo in Your Decor

1. Terrazzo Kitchen Countertops

Terrazzo is, perhaps, mostly known as a floor covering or used in smaller decor items. However, its use in other applications should not be overlooked. In fact, one of the best ways to add an accent to your new kitchen is to add terrazzo countertops.

Using terrazzo in this way gives you kitchen a ruggedly durable countertop area that also provides a beautiful finish. If you have something else in mind for your main kitchen countertop materials, another great option is to accent your kitchen aesthetic with a terrazzo-topped kitchen island or breakfast bar.

2. Terrazzo Kitchen Backsplash

Having a backsplash installed in your new kitchen offers greater functionality and increases the quality and look of the interior design within the home. Kitchens with backsplashes are easier to keep clean than painted walls. Plus, there are several kitchen backsplash ideas to help you get the look you want.

And, terrazzo offers even more options that allow you to create the backsplash that works for you. You can go all out with terrazzo in your kitchen with terrazzo countertops and a unique kitchen backsplash. Or, you can accent your kitchen with a terrazzo backsplash while using more “conventional” countertop materials.

3. Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo’s reputation as a premier flooring material is well established. Due to its durability and long-lasting nature, you know you are installing something that can withstand the wear and tear of a lifetime of use with proper care. Terrazzo is a great choice for high-traffic areas of the home that will benefit from flooring surfaces that are easy to clean.

For this reason, many people choose terrazzo floors for the kitchen, bathrooms, or entryways of their new home. When choosing terrazzo for the flooring in kitchens or bathrooms, it is a good rule of thumb to select another type of material for the countertops. In general, the old adage of “less is more” can often apply to interior design themes and utilizing terrazzo for floors and countertops can overpower the rest of the decor and design features of a room.

4. Terrazzo Bathroom Vanity

If you’ve decided to use a different kind of flooring in your bathroom, it can be a great choice to opt for a terrazzo vanity. Terrazzo is one of the best bathroom countertops and these types of vanities can give the bathroom the look and feel of luxury. Terrazzo vanities can become a central accent piece in a bathroom.

These styles of vanities can give a customized, built-in appearance. Often, terrazzo washbasins can give a stylish minimalist feel while maintaining a higher level of functionality than more traditional types of bathroom sinks and vanities.

5. Terrazzo Tabletop

What is possibly one of the most stylish, subtle, and economic ways to utilize terrazzo in your custom home decor is by using it as a tabletop. A terrazzo dining room table can prove to be the perfect accent feature that can also be perfectly matched with wood, premium laminate, tile, cement, or other kinds of flooring choices.

Likewise, end tables, sofa side tables, or coffee tables are also great furniture pieces for incorporating terrazzo. End tables and coffee tables, especially, can receive significant amounts of use. Finished wood table tops are beautiful, but often begin to show wear rather quickly. Terrazzo tabletops for living and family room furniture provide a durable option and a stately look to the decor within these rooms.

When planning the design of your custom home, make it a point to consider the many options terrazzo can provide. These are just a few modern ways to use terrazzo in your decor, but the opportunities for creative implementation of terrazzo within a new home design are nearly as endless as you and your custom home builder’s creativity!

Furthermore, terrazzo surfaces can enhance both the aesthetics and value of your new home. As such, it’s a great low-maintenance choice for many homeowners. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, give Custom Home Group a call today at 717-284-4090!