Multigenerational Living: A Real Trend In Custom Home Building

July 19, 2016

Multigenerational homes have been in many different cultures for hundreds of years. In parts of Europe, many people still live with multiple generations under one roof. Many Native Americans actually designed entire villages to cater to multigenerational homes. It is a simple and intelligent way to care for aging parents as well as newborns. This lifestyle is as natural as the family units we are accustomed to today. With the aging population of baby boomers, social and financial strain on the 20 and 30-somethings, and the need to care for children many people are returning to multigenerational living to make life easier.

Baby Boomers are Aging

The generation known as the baby boomers has had and continues to have a massive impact on the world. They changed the face of music, art, math, science, and politics and have definitely created a world that still leaves us all in awe. After this wild ride, however, there is a time when you have to settle down and enjoy the golden years. Many baby boomers do not desire to move to a home or assisted living community. They want to stay with their families and watch their grandchildren grow. Instead of placing them in a home many gen-Xers and millennials have decided to care for their parents at home so they can live in comfort.

Creating a multigenerational home gives you and your family space to thrive and remain contented no matter what stage in life. It also helps you customize the living space so if in-home care is necessary it can be done comfortably and easily.

Graduates Support Parents

While the stereotype is that millennials have come home from college to live in the basement and never work again for many kids coming home it means they help support the family and begin caring for their parents while they begin their own family. Many families have put life savings into their child’s education so the child can have a good financial base when they graduate. With a steady and intellectually challenging job they are able to care for their parents as they begin their golden years. While it may seem odd or old-fashioned it is a custom that is still common in other parts of the world including developed countries such as China, Germany, and Switzerland.

When a young adult graduates college and comes home it is often custom for the parents to remain in their part of the house while creating a more individualized space for the child. Many multigenerational homes will have their own wings so young adults and their new families will have enough space to grow while still having their parents close. It also gives the grandparents a chance to do what they do best, spoil their grandchildren.