Why Natural Landscaping?

November 6, 2014

As other environmental concerns have become big parts of our lives, we’ve come to recognize a whole slew of other environmental concerns that we should also be paying attention to in our everyday lives. Once upon a time, we might never have thought that recycling would be something we do every day; indeed, it is something that you are looked down upon for not doing! The same is increasingly true of not sorting your trash, of not composting, of not conserving water and fuel, and more. These days, we are all much more aware of the impact we have on our environment, which is why it is so strange that when it comes to us actually shaping the world around us, we can often be so blind to the ways in which we are negatively affecting our environment. Here’s why you should consider natural landscaping for your custom home:

Work with the Land for a Healthier Property and Better Landscaping

Thus was born natural landscaping. Typical landscaping often involves entirely remaking your lawn into something alien, foreign, and strange to the area in which you live. This means putting in grass, plants, and rocks that are totally non-native to your area in order to achieve a particular aesthetic effect. Often, this is very successful from a visual perspective! Your home and its yard can be quite synergistic in appearance, creating something beautiful. But it is not something that can last, sadly. Non-indigenous plants die faster and easier in areas in which they are not welcome, or they can quickly take over, strangling out the other plant life and forcing you to constantly battle it to prevent your home and lawn from becoming overgrown with the stuff!

By using natural, native soil and plants, while also neglecting to tear up the surface but rather using the natural, weather-worn forms and shapes of your lawn to create your property, you can create something lasting, beautiful, and healthy for your environment. It’s the natural progression of what you already do!