6 Nautical Bedroom Design Ideas

June 2, 2020

Nautical design uses oceanfront or other aquatic-themed elements to create a specific aesthetic that authentically captures the look and feel of the lifestyle that comes with living near the water. It is also a popular and impactful style of décor in homes designed for families who have a connection to these types of areas. Plus, it offers a lot of creative freedom. Here are a few nautical bedroom design ideas to help you get this look in your bedroom:

1. Opt for a Blue and White Color Palette

Authenticity is key when choosing a nautical-themed room. For this reason, it is a good idea to utilize shades of blue along with white color schemes. Life on and around the water is the quintessential element of a nautical theme, so using this color palette can help you get the nautical or coastal look.

Nautical-themed rooms are generally bright and inviting. Using a color palette featuring whites and light blues with darker accents within the same color family is beneficial. Featuring nautical and beachy colors like this is a great way to incorporate coastal decor into your custom home.

2. Incorporate Ocean Shapes and Designs in Fabrics

It is important for a nautical-themed bedroom’s décor and design to be cohesive. In addition to the colors you choose, it is important to choose fabrics and textiles that have the appropriate aquatic theme. Consider cotton and canvas where applicable.

You can also choose fabric patterns for sheets and throw pillows that have relevant shapes and designs, such as waves, boats, sails, anchors, etc. Patterns like these are often one of the fun nautical interior design ideas for getting this look in your home and can be a great way to incorporate the look in your bedroom.

3. Hang Nautical Prints, Photos, or Artwork on the Walls

Accenting the walls with nautical prints is a good choice in order to add an additional creative element to the bedroom. Prints or paintings of sailboats, beaches, or even macro photography of seashells or other oceanic elements are great choices for this interior design theme.

If you have your own ocean-themed photos, consider getting enlargements of your own photographs to frame and display on the walls. This will give the room a personalized touch and make it additionally unique and special to you.

4. Choose Reclaimed Wood for Furniture

Consider using reclaimed wood for furniture. Not only does this help you add a nautical touch to your bedroom, but blending natural textures like this is also one of the rustic coastal design ideas you can use to create a unique look. You may be able to find a furniture craftsman who can make custom pieces for you from weathered wood.

Reclaimed wood can be used for a headboard, side tables, or even dressers. Accent pieces made from driftwood can also create an authentic nautical theme. Sometimes, the availability of such materials is limited or hard to source.

If this is the case, don’t be discouraged! Thanks to the popularity of rustic, farmhouse, and coastal themes, there are plenty of options of new furniture that is made with the same distressed wood look and will accomplish a similar look as authentic reclaimed wood.

5. Add Shiplap or Beadboard to a Wall

Shiplap and beadboard are authentic materials to waterfront communities. As such, they are great options when you are looking to create an accent wall in the bedroom. When designing a room with a nautical theme, textures are important and the inclusion of this type of wood on one of your walls promises to take the appeal of the nautical style to the next level.

Not only are shiplap and beadboard some great summer coastal decor ideas, but they are versatile as well. Depending on how you use them and decorate the rest of the room, you can make them part of a nautical theme or switch it up to make them part of a farmhouse, modern farmhouse, or rustic theme.

6. Include Nautical Decor

Nautical décor is an important final element of the room that cannot be overlooked. These are the finishing touches that will solidify the décor theme and make your nautical themed bedroom complete.

You can use items like shells, anchors, braided hemp rope, or any other items that are common to the seafaring lifestyle. Creativity is key at this stage of your décor, so embrace your imagination and enjoy this part of the process.

A nautical-themed bedroom is a great way to bring the look and feel of that carefree vacation lifestyle into your new dream home. These are just a few nautical bedroom design ideas to help inspire your own look.

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