5 Fun Nautical Interior Design Ideas

October 15, 2019

When it comes to giving your home a beachy, ocean-inspired feel, nothing gets you closer than nautical interior design. As such, nautical design is closely related to coastal styles and often ends up being incorporated with them. Nautical colors and ocean-related things like sea creatures, anchors, ships, and more are all classic elements of nautical design. If you love the ocean, nautical design could be the right interior design theme for you. Whether you’re overhauling your decor completely or are just playing with some elements temporarily, here are some fun nautical interior design ideas to inspire you:

1. Incorporate Blue and White

Navy and other blues paired with white are classic nautical colors. Sometimes, simply incorporating some blue and white combinations in a room can give it a nautical look and feel. Blue and white striped blankets and pillows paired with some other nautical decor items are an easy way to add some nautical decor to a room without needing to change much or make any permanent changes.

This is a great option if you’re just testing out this decor theme to see if you like it before jumping in completely. If you’re ready to commit a little bit more to a nautical decor theme, you can paint all the walls or use an accent wall, put down a navy or striped floor rug, update your blinds or curtains, cover your furniture, and more.

2. Hang Nautical Decor on the Walls

Another fun nautical interior design idea is to hang nautical-themed decor on the walls. You may be putting some holes in the walls to securely hang some items. But, it’s still a temporary addition that allows you to play with different styles until you find what you want. Hanging a ship steering wheel, anchor display, paddles, or nautical stars on the wall is a great way to add a nautical touch. You can also get a compass, anchor, or ship steering wheel that has been turned into a clock to add some extra functionality to your decor.

Prints, paintings, and photos can also be hung on your walls to add some nautical decor. Plus, there is a lot of versatility as you can add anything related to the sea. Images of the ocean, ships, sailing maps, vintage charts, anchors, sea creatures, lighthouses, and more can all add a touch of nautical design to a room. You can even go with a more abstract design that features blues and whites for a more subtle touch.

3. Use Nautical-Themed Fabric

Another one of the nautical interior design ideas is to use nautical-themed fabric. Even if your other nautical decor elements are more subtle and suggestive, you can define a nautical theme in a room and tie them all together by using nautical prints. Fabric printed with sea creatures, anchors, ships, shells, maps, and more can be incorporated into a room to set a nautical tone. Pillows, blankets, rugs, furniture covers, rugs, tablecloths, table runners, wall hangings, and more with a nautical theme are all great options for easily adding nautical-themed fabric to your decor.

4. Show Off Nautical Sculptures or Displays

Some people love to display knick-knacks while others don’t. Whether you have shelves dedicated to your knick-knacks or just display a little something here and there, putting nautical sculptures on display is a great way to add a little nautical decor to a room.

A ship in a bottle, model sailboats or other types of ships, lighthouses, sea creatures, anchors, coral, and more are all options for nautical sculptures and displays. Depending on the size and quantity, you can even install a plate rail in the room. Because this type of wall trim runs along the upper portion of the wall, it’s a great way to display decor while also keeping it out of the way.

5. Put Trim and Materials to Work During Design

If you’re still in the design phase of your home and you know want a nautical theme, you can put trim and materials to work for you on the walls, floors, and ceilings to build the room for nautical design. You can also include it in your furniture.

Natural or natural-looking timber as flooring, wall panels, on the ceiling, or in furniture can help create a nautical look and feel in a room. Shiplap or beadboard can be used on the walls to add a nautical touch. These are also versatile in that they fit with several styles. So, you can switch up decor in a room with these materials to switch from nautical style to something like farmhouse style.

These are just a few fun nautical interior design ideas. Thankfully, there are a lot of options available with nautical design. This makes it a versatile style with a lot of option to choose from and several ways to incorporate it into your home.

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