Now THAT’S Creative Home Design: The Notorious “Spaceship” House in Tennessee

April 1, 2014

We have seen homes constructed as tree houses, built on stilts in the water, and even as a giant duck.  One design we see a bit more frequently is that of a spaceship. While certainly not common, there may be more spaceship homes peppered throughout the country than you realize. These saucer-shaped houses show up in some of the most unusual places and may be the ultimate definition of a “custom home”.  Let’s take a closer look at one such home. This particular home sits in the hills of Tennessee and has become a famous, and to some degree, an infamous landmark in the area. It is the Spaceship House of Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

Background and History

Curtis King spent a quarter-million dollars to build the spaceship house in 1973 for his son. King went so far as to design the house with a retractable spaceship-style staircase. That function is no longer a part of the house, and the staircase sits in a permanently “down” position. It has been sold multiple times throughout the years and most recently has been available to rent for vacationers and those looking for an interesting overnight experience.

About the Spaceship House

The house is built of steel and concrete and has about 2,000 square feet of living space. Rooms emanate from a central focal point. The home has three bedrooms and two full baths. The unique creation even has a bar and an entertainment area. Curves play in important role in the architecture of the home with rolling and curving walls and even a retro-futuristic bathtub. Many small square windows pepper the perimeter of the house, adding to its space-aged appearance. An outside balcony provides nice views of the Tennessee River, and the winding road below.

The Spaceship Home of Tennessee is a testament to what a custom home can be. It may be exotic, eccentric, and even over the top, but it was created by really thinking out of the box. That is the same kind of thinking that can lead to creative designs and ideas in your next home. Don’t be afraid to explore your creative side when considering your next home.