5 Parade of Homes Trends and Ideas of 2016

December 20, 2016

The Parade of Homes is a fun and beautiful tradition that showcases new homes, new trends, and sets the stage for the upcoming year’s fads and decorations. Here are a few Parade of Homes trends and ideas that you may see this year and possibly create in your own home:

1. Shiplap

This design is the use of horizontal wood paneling inside a home. It can be painted or finished in hundreds of different types of colors and textures. Shiplap brings a uniform but comfy feel to any room without creating an illusion of a smaller room. If you decide to install shiplap into your custom home or your existing home it is fairly simple and quick. Before you begin, however, be sure to contact a contractor so it will be done properly and efficiently.

2. Warm Tones Mixed with Pastels

While everyone is focusing on minimalism in design, others are looking toward warmer, cozier tones mixed with the clean and abundant light-catching pastels. This brings a lot of ambient light to the room without making it seem cold and sterile. With some metallic and natural decorations, your home can look clean and comfy. Before settling on a theme or color palette you may want to experiment and understand your options. It is half the fun, after all!

3. Mismatched Cabinets

Even though white-on-white-on-white kitchens are in vogue at the moment, some are using well-loved mismatched cabinetry to show their eclectic tastes and their love of traditional accents. This can be a wonderful way to keep some old while welcoming the new into your kitchen. When playing with mixing and mismatching the cabinets and other objects in your kitchen, you may want to skill create a cohesive idea or theme. That way your kitchen will look rich and full instead of cluttered and busy.

4. Heated Entryway Floors

A heated entryway can be the perfect solution for cold travelers coming in from school, work, or a night out on the town. Heated floors bring a certain comfort to a home and having them in the entryway can be a wonderful way to welcome guests and loved ones into your space. If you decide to install heated floors in your entryway or in your bathroom or any other room you will need to have a contractor install them. If they are not installed properly they can cause damage and injury.

5. Bathrooms That Look like Living Rooms

Many of us have dreams of creating the perfect spa bathroom. By creating a bathroom that is more like a living space you can be a bit closer to your spa dream and make a more comfortable and cozy bathroom along the way. Adding accents like chairs, sofas, rugs, and coffee tables bring a certain luxurious feel to the bathroom that will make you and your guests feel right at home.