3 Ways to Perk up Your Home for Spring

March 31, 2016

As spring creeps closer and temperatures begin to warm, there may be a sense of excitement in the air. Take advantage of the energy and perk up your home for spring.

1. Spring Cleaning

First, give yourself allotted time to work on cleaning. Want to tackle the shower, put the timer on for ten minutes. You’ll be done before then and now you have a squeaky clean shower. Do some small simple tasks first. Put the laundry away or in the washing machine. Fill the dishwasher and while that is going dust. Finally, make it fun. 

2. Flowers

Flowers are an inexpensive, lovely way to add color and freshness to your home. Purchase a bouquet of daffodils and place them in a fun vase on your table. If you do not have a vase this just means you get to be creative. You can use a coffee can or empty alcohol bottle. Vintage medicine bottles are another good option. They give it a vintage touch without being too obvious. Your dining room isn’t the only showcase for some beautiful blooms. You can always put a bouquet in the bedroom and on the coffee table.

3. Play

Get the children involved with garden and flower crafts! Some of my favorite memories in spring were drying flowers from our ceilings for potpourri or tea and it looks beautiful! Put a few command hooks in a tall arch or doorway. Then when those bouquets you purchased get droopy you can dry them off and tie them in ribbon or string. Once you’re done, you can hang them up and everyone can appreciate the color and fragrance the bouquets still bring. When they are dried, you can make potpourris for gifts!

You can also breathe new life into your old clothes, bed linens, and shades by using flowers and plants. Wash and dry all the fabrics you plan on using and purchase three to five springy colors in acrylic paint. Then you and the kids can walk around the backyard, a local park, or in the woods to find your favorite leaves and flowers. Once you’ve collected them, paint the underside of the leaves with the paint and lightly dip the flowers into the paint. Then gently press the plants onto the fabric. Voila! You have beautiful, spring-filled bed linens, and clothing that will be perfect throughout the warmer weather. Let each piece fully dry out in the sun and then washing once more.