3 Reasons Why Pet Baths Are Becoming Trendy

October 20, 2016

Pet baths are great for their convenience, hygiene, and can integrate well in many homes. They are becoming more and more popular because they are such a simple solution to a common problem. Here are a few reasons why pet baths are becoming trendy:

1. Pet Baths Are Convenient

Dog washing stations can be incredibly convenient for those with active lifestyles or adventurous pups. After a long day kayaking down the river or going on a long hike you and your dog may need to wash up. If you have a dog washing station it can be simple and fast to clean up your pup before you hop into the tub. This way your home will stay clean and your dog will happily nap while you relax in the tub.

If you have a longhaired pooch or one with thick fur it is also a wonderful place for regular grooming. Brushing and grooming in the shower stall can keep large amounts of dog hair away from your living room and can keep any offensive odors out of the home. You, however, will need to clean the station regularly to avoid build up. Be sure to purchase a pet washing station with a sturdy drain and adjustable shower head. This will help you clean every nook and cranny of the shower and keep hair from clogging the drain.

2. They Are Hygienic

Having a pet bath will also keep your bathroom cleaner, longer. Because you won’t have to have regular pet baths in your bathroom you will spend less time mopping, wiping, and generally cleaning up after your pets bath. This will also give you more room since you will have to keep fewer pet products and towels in your bathroom. As mentioned above, however, be sure to keep the pet bath clean and working properly. Otherwise, you won’t have to replace or repair fixtures.

3. Pet Baths Are Great in Laundry Rooms or Mudrooms

While you can put the pet bath in bathrooms or outside, it is often best to put them in your laundry rooms or mudrooms. This is because you both will not freeze outside and you won’t have a pup trailing mud through your home on the way to the bathroom. Dog washing stations in the mudroom keep the floors and furniture of your home clean and help keep your dog happy, comfortable, and healthy. By cleaning them regularly as they enter the home, their bed, toys, and kennel will stay cleaner over time. It will also keep you and your other loved one’s furniture and items clean and undamaged.

These are all reasons why pet baths are becoming trendy and popular. Not only are they useful for you, but they’re also one of the pet-friendly custom home design ideas.