Neighborhood Feature: Pioneer Crossing

August 4, 2015

Update: Pioneer Crossing is currently sold out. There are no homes or lots available in the neighborhood at this time.

This quaint little neighborhood is located in Lampeter-Strasburg. This town is a growing area with plenty of room to grow for you and your family. It is also more affordable than the surrounding areas like Hempfield or Lititz. In Pioneer Crossing there are four other homes in the area and soccer fields directly behind the properties. The homes are perfect for growing families that may need space for new additions or interests. They include standard amenities but can be customizable if discussed with contractor.

Features and Amenities

Like any new home you will want to make sure that it has everything you will need before moving in. At Pioneer Crossing there are standard and featured amenities that will make your family feel cozy and comfortable. All kitchens and baths are equipped with Moen faucets and stainless steel sinks. In the kitchen there is a dishwasher and Electric Range and the cabinetry was all built by Wolf furniture.

Throughout the house there are many “green” options that can be added when discussed with the contractor and all the windows are vinyl framed with Low-E glass and grills between the glass panes for energy efficiency and to lower energy costs.

The exterior also comes with features to make maintenance easier. The gutters are aluminum for quick cleaning and pre raked and seeded lot. The walkway is concrete which is quick to clean and with the proper care will not have weeds sneaking into cracks or divets.

School District

Lampeter-Strasburg’s school district is growing exponentially with several new schools being planned or constructed. They also strive to create a diverse variety of courses for their middle and high school students while creating a solid foundation for their students in elementary school.

Choosing Lampeter-Strasburg for your children may also open opportunities to other career options. In high school, the district offers taking courses at CTC or HACC to prepare them for work or for college. This is a great jumpstart for those who may want to focus on a career path early or work toward a path before graduating.

Pioneer Crossing can be a fantastic opportunity for a growing family who would like to have space, a bright future, and wonderful neighbors surrounding them. Feel free to come see a model home or visit through a virtual tour. While many of the features and amenities are pre-planned there are plenty of ways to customize your home to make it perfect for you. So roll out the welcome mat!