What to Consider When Planning the Driveway for Your Custom Home

March 23, 2018

Driveways are one of the most important, and utilitarian, parts of planning your custom home. After all, it’s your connection to the outside world. Although it may just seem like pavement, don’t let your driveway be an afterthought! Everything from the size to the placement and more makes a difference. Here are some things to consider when planning out the driveway for your custom home:

1. How Much Driveway Do You Need?

Driveway sizes can range from a small to large and can vary structurally. Determine the number of cars, trailers, RVs, and motorcycles you’ll need to accommodate and establish a baseline first. Then, think about guests. Consider how often, and how many, guests you typically entertain. The number you come up with can help you decide how much surface you need to have available for vehicles, and what layout and driveway design is best. You may find a long, winding driveway works best for you. You can also add a loop, so no one has to turn around or back down the driveway.

2. Larger Driveways Mean More Maintenance

Before making your decision on size, also consider the maintenance involved. Keep in mind that having more surface area also means having more maintenance! If your home is exposed to a significant amount of inclement weather, this can become a big problem. When being responsible for a larger driveway, you’ll need to shovel it during the winter. You’ll also need to salt it, and fill any potholes that develop over time.

3. Local Ground Coverage Regulations

Always check with your local borough’s regulations. Many regions have restrictions in place that may obstruct building. For instance, local governments may have rules concerning the percentage of land that can be converted to a hard surface. Typically, it’s to make sure that your land has appropriate drainage for weather, but might have been enacted for a number of reasons. Your custom home builder will be able to let you know about any issues like this during the planning phase.

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