7 Pool Landscaping Ideas

November 8, 2022

If you have a pool or are considering adding one to your custom home design, you might be looking for some fresh ideas. There are a lot of different options for your pool area. Here are just a few different pool landscaping ideas.

1. Rock Garden

A rock garden is a great option if you’re looking to fill in some space around your pool. Rock gardens are great for those who feel like they don’t have a green thumb.

All you need is some bags of river rocks! You can either have a dedicated rock garden area or create a border around your pool. Simply decide on the width of the border and then fill it with the river rocks. This adds some contrast to your backyard but is low maintenance.

2. Tall Grass Border

If you’re looking to add privacy to your yard and pool area, tall grasses work well. You can either design a border around the entire pool area or pick just one area to use the grass as a privacy divider.

These grasses also can be used along the border of a rock garden. It adds some greenery and dimension to the rocks.

3. Privacy Hedges

If you’re looking for more privacy than what tall grasses offer but aren’t ready for a privacy fence, consider planting hedges or trees. Planting these close together will offer you a nice wall of foliage but also some much-needed privacy.

You can also plant these into raised beds which offer more height if you need it. Adding plants as privacy dividers is a popular pool design trend and will add some flair to your pool area.

4. Fire Pit

There’s nothing like cozying up around a fire after a late-night swim, especially with a slight chill in the air. Having a fire pit next to or close to your pool is a wonderful option.

There are some dos and don’ts of fire pits to follow. Installed correctly, the fire will not only warm you up, but also it will give some nice light to your pool area as well.

Fire pits add fun to your yard. With comfortable seating and a statement firepit, people are sure to gather around and socialize.

5. Stone Walkway

If your pool is farther away from your home, try adding a nice stone walkway as a path. It will add a nice feature to your yard and is nicer than walking through the grass to get to your pool. Plus, there are plenty of stamped concrete patio ideas that can extend to the area around your pool and any walkways you want.

There are countless design ideas to choose from. You can pick nice square stones or pick unique stones for some character. Stone pathways are a popular hardscaping trend in landscaping and will make navigating your yard easier.

6. More Water

If you want a tranquil pool area, add a fountain or two. Having the sound of splashing or bubbling water offers an excellent background noise and is calming. Plus, this gives you another area to play with popular pool tile ideas.

7. Some Shade

Even with cool water, it can be easy to overheat in the harsh sun. To offer protection, have a shaded area for your family and friends to relax under. This could either be under an established porch area, a separate cabana, or other backyard structures. Make sure you have comfortable furniture to relax on while you rest and get some protection from the sun.

A swimming pool is one of the popular ideas for outdoor living spaces. The right pool design and landscaping around it can make a big difference and these are just a few pool landscaping ideas to consider. If you think adding a pool to your custom home design is right for you, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to bring your dream to life!