Is a Pot Filler Right For Your Kitchen?

July 9, 2024

If you’re currently designing or thinking of designing a custom home complete with a dream kitchen, pot fillers may be a feature you’ve come across. A pot filler is a faucet placed directly above the stove. So, is a pot filler right for your kitchen? Here’s what you should know:

What is a Pot Filler?

A pot filler is at the most basic level just a single facet above your stove. This luxury kitchen design idea’s main draw is the location and its design. Pot fillers are typically installed on the wall above a cooktop or range with an adjustable arm that pulls out and fills pots of water. When not in use, the arm folds back against the wall.

Pot fillers eliminate the need to fill pots in the sink and then carry the heavy pots to the stove. A pot filler does not take up too much extra space and can add a practical and aesthetic element. Pot fillers come in many options for different finishes, design styles, and arm lengths.

Pot Filler Over the Stove

A pot filler over the stove is called a pasta arm or kettle faucet. You might see this type of pot filler in some industrial kitchen designs and is mounted to the wall right above the cooktop. You can get a single or double-joint faucet, depending on your needs. If you have a bigger cooktop, a double-joint pot filler might work best. Some are even long enough to reach to spaces on counters near your cooktop.

Deck-Mounted Pot Filler

Deck-mounted pot fillers are installed on the countertop next to the range rather than the wall above the cooktop. They also can be installed close to the sink, giving you an extra source of water. Some homeowners may even opt for two pot fillers, one for the sink and one close to the stove.

Are Pot Fillers Worth It?

Pot fillers can be worth the addition depending on your needs. They’re not for every home but some homeowners like the feature. They fit in any kitchen design layout so if you’re an avid cook or entertainer, they can be useful. However, others may find them unnecessary and decide to skip them.

3 Pros of Pot Filler Faucets

Here are some pros to pot fillers:

1. They Offer Convenience

If you cook a lot, a pot filler is fairly convenient. Gone are the days of carrying a heavy pot filled with water to the stove. With a pot filler, you can fill the pot right there on the stove. This prevents spills and gives your arms a rest. However, be aware that you still need to carry the pot back to the sink to drain it unless you plan on using a spider strainer.

2. Pot Fillers Allow You to Multitask

You may save some time during your cooking process since pot fillers can eliminate extra trips back and forth to the sink and cooktop. This gives you more time to do other tasks and can make cooking more relaxing.

If having your cooking area close together to save time sounds appealing, consider a u-shaped kitchen layout. This also eliminates extra time since everything is relatively close to you as you cook or do food prep.

3. They Add Style

Many modern kitchens take design inspiration and influence from professional kitchens to add a bit of a pro chef flair. If you cook a lot, pot fillers, pull-down kitchen faucets, pot racks, and other restaurant design ideas for your kitchen could make sense.

Pot fillers come in so many different styles and finishes. may bring a lot of beauty to a kitchen. They can work with any design style, from traditional, modern, or even farmhouse. Pot filler faucets are not very common in most kitchens, so they’re a way to add some luxe decor to your home to make a statement.

3 Cons of Pot Filler Faucets

Of course, there are some potential cons to a pot filler faucet as well:

1. They Can Be Pricey

A big reason this fixture is not seen very often in homes is because it’s more common in commercial kitchens and because of the cost. Pot fillers tend to be a larger investment since the price range can vary as low as several hundred dollars or as high as several thousand. If it’s an investment that you want, it will add an unexpected feature to your kitchen.

However, if you don’t think you’ll use it, it might be an extra to skip and instead implement another kitchen design trend you really want, like high-end countertops or a large farmhouse sink.

2. Pot Fillers Require Extra Cleaning

Because a pot filler is placed directly above or next to the stove, it will need frequent cleaning. Simmering sauces, splattering oil, and other residues will build up and need to be wiped off regularly.

3. They Can Cause Issues to Your Cooktop

A faucet right above your stove could lead to big headaches if something breaks. If a pipe leaks over a stove, it may affect the whole cooktop and oven. This is especially true if you are not home when a leak begins and water drips for a long period.

If water collects in your oven, it could cause electrical issues or rusting. It can also leak in the walls or on your floor, causing rot or mold. This can mean tearing out walls and flooring to fix the problem, a project no one wants. Quality materials, proper installation, and regular maintenance as needed can help reduce this risk.

Design and Build Your Dream Home With CHG

Hopefully, this helps you decide if a pot filler is right for your kitchen. While they are a neat feature to have, it may only be worth it if you cook a lot or want an interesting and different kitchen feature.

Designing your kitchen and home allows you to pick exactly which details are important to you. If you’re ready to get started on your dream custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!