Pot Fillers Are Convenient Faucet Extensions

September 17, 2015

A kitchen is often the busiest part of a home. You have the cooking happening in it at least three times a day, but you also have dishes being cleaned, groceries being stored, and often, people hanging out and enjoying a snack or a small meal or even just a quick drink. As a result, kitchens can end up being quite crowded; there are pots and pans and plates and silverware and food and a refrigerator and dishwasher and wide variety of other appliances, all resulting in a space that often has little actual room to get things done in it. If you find yourself with a crowded kitchen, there are a number of cleaning and organization methods you can adopt to improve your situation, but sometimes it is also useful to consider what tools will help you to better do what you want in your kitchen. A pot filler is a great example of this!

What You Get with a Pot Filler

Pot fillers are basically faucet extensions – a series of tubes attached to your faucet so that the faucet has joints at which it can bend, reach, and be brought over to various points on your counter or back into your sink. This allows you to, say, place a pot on your countertop, extend your “faucet” via pot filler over to the pot on the counter top, and fill it with water – say, for boiling spaghetti or potatoes or making a fresh pot of stew or soup, as it were. Attempting to fill a pot while it is in your sink can be problematic; the sink may not be large enough for your pot, or alternative, the sink may be otherwise preoccupied with dishes that need washing or even another element of the meal you are making (say, the bowl that you are washing those noodles in!).

The Ideal Addition to Any Kitchen

In the end, yes, a kitchen can become just too crowded with excessive amounts of appliances and add-ons that are intended to make your life simpler, yet often just clutter up your space and go unused. A pot filler is an excellent example of an appliance or add-on that does not do this, however; it already performs an essential function that you will regularly use it for – that is to say, as a faucet – but has additional functionality that you can easily use without creating inconvenience or space issues. It is the ideal addition to any kitchen, and worth your consideration!