9 Powder Room Design Ideas

March 12, 2018

Your powder room most likely sees the most use from visitors, so it’s natural to be worried about how it’s perceived. From its overall design to all of the small details, getting everything “just right” can transform just another bathroom into the stunning powder room you’re looking for. Check out these powder room design ideas to take your own powder room to the next level:

1. Create Themes to Wow Guests

A cohesive design theme can go a long way toward making an impression on visitors. Whether it’s a beloved topic or a favorite place, matching all of your bathroom’s pieces together can be an elegant statement. The sea, jungle, and other vacation settings are common ideas that can help you started.

Another way to use themes, in a more subtle way, comes down to the materials you use. You can set your powder room apart with nuances, like different countertop materials and tiling. It will stand alone in your home, and give your guests something to talk about.

2. Go Bright and Bold

If you can’t pick a theme, basing your design around a color or color scheme can give your powder room a bold feel. If you have regular guests, giving them a bright bathroom experience can keep them on their toes! Not to mention, it could provide some extra talking points for your get-togethers.

When going this route, try not to go overboard. Too many bright colors can become overwhelming quickly. If you’re concerned about going too bold, you can always pick a more neutral theme for the walls and add some bright, bold decor to help it stand out. This is one of the classic tips for decorating with bold colors.

3. Include All the Amenities

Besides just looking good, having the standard functions of a bathroom is necessary. Including standards like hand soap, hand towels, and bathroom spray is typical. However, a few extra amenities don’t hurt. Adding some creature comforts will make your powder room shine!

Feminine products, extra rolls of toilet paper, and even a small noise machine will be immensely appreciated. Your guests will never feel uncomfortable in this bathroom. Plus, you can include a few creative powder room storage solutions, like floating shelves, to make sure you have enough space for all of those amenities without it looking cluttered!

4. Switch it up on the Walls

One of the useful powder room design ideas is to switch things up on the wall with bathroom wall options like shiplap, wainscoting, tile, and more. Tile has been a popular bathroom flooring material for years.

It still may be one of the popular flooring trends, but it’s also much more versatile than ever before. Even if you have tile floors, you can take your powder room up a notch by switching things up and putting tile on the walls as well.

Because tile is a versatile material, you could use tile all over your bathroom without overdoing it. Granted, it’s easy to get wrong, but a good custom home builder will be able to help you get it right. If you don’t want an all-tile look, you can use tile on the walls for a unique aesthetic and choose something else for the flooring.

5. Mix Old and New

Mixing vintage and modern looks tastefully can create an elegant transitional design in your powder room. A vintage vanity paired with a classic black and white floor can provide a sense of old-world charm.

Pairing a traditional foundation like this with modern accessories can help you create an interesting look in your powder room. Plus, without a shower adding a ton of humidity to the room, you won’t need to worry about wood or antiques being affected.

6. Try Your Favorite Color

If you’re not sure which powder room design ideas to go with, sometimes it can be as simple as picking your favorite color. Make your favorite color the color palette for your powder room design and see what happens.

As long as you explore this option during the planning phase of your custom home, you can always back out and choose something else if it doesn’t work. But, give it a try. Who knows? You could end up with a powder room design that’s better than you thought possible!

7. Make it Luxe

Luxury is usually reserved for the master bathroom. But, there’s no reason you can’t add a little luxe to the other bathrooms in your home, even if it’s just a powder room. Sleek materials that ooze elegance, quality, and comfort can help you create a great aesthetic in your powder room that is also functional.

8. Focus on the Mirror

Because the powder room is normally a smaller bathroom, the sink or vanity is usually the focal point. Ignoring the mirror or making it a last-minute detail is one of the most common powder room design mistakes.

But, you can avoid this mistake by making sure you focus on the mirror or at least put some thought into it. By choosing an interesting mirror, you can make the mirror the focal point and build your powder room design around it.

Mirrors with interesting shapes, decorated or embellished frames, and more can all turn your mirror into a work of art that beautifies your powder room while also remaining functional. Making mirrors a focal point, even in a small room like a powder room, is one of the home decor tips for using mirrors.

9. Opt for a Curved Vanity

Pedestal sinks are one of the types of sinks that are popular in powder rooms because they don’t take up a lot of space. But, they can also be lacking in storage and counter space. If you like the storage and extra counter space a vanity provides, you can opt for a curved or corner vanity for a powder room.

By strategically using a corner or putting in a curve, you can get the vanity you want while still allow for enough space in your powder room layout. In addition to efficient use of space, this option also creates an interesting look and can give you some flexibility in your bathroom layout. Plus, it can work well with a variety of bathroom countertop materials.

These powder room design ideas will come in handy when you’re thinking about what to include in your dream home. Ready to start bringing your dream home to life? Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!