Powder Room Pros and Cons

January 17, 2018

Powder rooms are something many have heard of, but can’t always define. They often conjure images of tiny rooms devoted to “freshening up”. While these rooms definitely can serve that purpose, they are often considered half-bathrooms.

Although they’re smaller than typical bathrooms, they’re often designed for guests with comfort in mind. Here’s a little information to help you decide if a powder room is something you’d like for your home:

2 Powder Room Pros

Powder rooms, though often small, are convenient and offer extra comfort to you and your guests. They can be a great addition to any custom home, as long as they fit your needs and lifestyle.

1. Space Efficiency

Powder rooms can be a great way to use space efficiently in your home. Due to their smaller size, you can fit them into your floor plans without sacrificing too much open space. If you know it will likely get the most use from guests, then you know to place it a little ways away from the areas where your guests will likely congregate. Additionally, if you know your plan is to have bedrooms on a second floor, along with your full bathrooms, you can place a powder room on the first floor for convenience.

2. Comfort

Powder rooms have all the basic restroom necessities such as a toilet, sink, and toiletries. They are primarily made for, and used by, guests. It’s a place where they can take breaks, and freshen up during get-togethers. It’s also a nice way for introverted friends to take a moment and recharge. A powder room ensures your family and your visitors have access to a bathroom without having to wander to a different floor or get too far away from the gathering.

2 Powder Room Cons

For some homeowners, powder rooms are not always a great fit. For large families and for people who want the convenience only full bathrooms can offer, powder rooms may not be the best option.

1. Limited Size

At the end of the day, powder rooms serve a limited purpose and are not a replacement for a full bathroom. They don’t have bathtubs or showers, so you can’t fully bathe. A tiny room might not be suitable for everyone, particularly anyone who dreads small spaces. A tiny space also means that you have to make every inch count, and it’s tough not to make them appear cluttered.

2. Little Personal Use

Powder rooms are more useful for your guests than for yourself. After all, you have your own better-equipped bathroom available. Powder rooms are likely only to get used while hosting an event or in a rush. If you’re not one to host events in your home and have no need for an extra, albeit small, space, then perhaps a powder room isn’t for you.

Although they may not be right for everyone, powder rooms are definitely useful for families who need multiple restrooms and who have plenty of full bathrooms. They’re also particularly useful if you have a lot of guests. If a powder room is the right choice for you, they can also be a wonderful way to show off your style and designer skills.