4 Steps to Prepare for Guests After a Long Winter

May 25, 2017

After a long, dreary winter what better way to usher in the spring than hosting something festive outside with some guests? Whether vast or compact, your yard can be the centerpiece to any gathering. The only limit is your imagination! Of course, once the snow melted it may have revealed certain undesirable aspects of your outdoor space that were best left hidden. Not to worry, here is a surefire method to bring your yard back to life with the rest of spring.

1. Think About What Kind of Gathering You Will Have

The first step towards your perfect gathering starts with visualizing what is ideal. Walk out onto your porch, or deck, or back door, and imagine your guests. What are they doing? Milling about a snack table, or perhaps playing a rousing game of horseshoes?

Try to feel the atmosphere you want to host and work towards producing it. Picture the flow of the space and what kind of patio furniture you may wish to invest in. You might even consider purchasing, or cultivating, landscape upgrades to facilitate your ideal setting. Having a rough plan will energize you enough to get through the next step: cleaning.

2. Review Your Home Inside and Out and Make a List

There are varying levels of yard disrepair that reveal themselves as the snow melts away. The second step is making a list, mental or physical, of everything you need to spruce up before setting a date for your get-together.

For example, the remains of last year’s leaves that you swore you bagged; discarded sports equipment, chipping deck stain, and even some scattered remnants from last year’s garden party. Set a tentative schedule for yourself to get everything done by the time the weather hits the sweet spot between brisk and boiling.

3. Start Working Through Your List or Hire a Landscaper

It may not be the most glamorous facet of a garden soiree, but rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business is the third stage of yard preparation. Get your rake out of storage and get started on clearing your canvas for this year’s masterpiece. It doesn’t need to be as daunting as it seems!

Bringing in your family and friends can greatly reduce the workload and incorporating a game is a great incentive. Alternately, you can always hire a landscaper! Especially if your schedule is tight. If your budget is tighter, however, doing odd jobs like this is an annual mainstay for local youths roving about once summer sets in.

4. Identify What’s Still Missing and Fill in the Gaps

By far the most fun, the next part of the process requires style and finesse. Embarking on a journey to buy anything missing for your ideal yard is a most fitting reward. Refer back to your vision and compare items in-store or online for the best deals.

When it comes to types of pest control, discerning research may not be as necessary; however, furniture sets and pond installation may. Once you’ve purchased your missing garden accessories, lay them out! Build the new gazebo and relish how it looks in your yard. Enjoy how nicely the deck’s new stain turned out and how closely it matches the old bocce ball set.

When you’ve made your visualization your reality, check the weather and set a date for your guests to arrive. It’s time to show it off!