Pros and Cons of Double Vanities

November 28, 2023

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in a home. When you have the chance to design and build a custom home, it’s important to make sure your bathroom designs strike the right balance between form and function. Style is great, but you also want to make sure the overall design works and flows well too. When thinking about the sink in your bathroom design, consider these pros and cons of double vanities to decide if they are right for you:

What is a Double Vanity?

A double vanity, double sink, or double bowl is a type of bathroom vanity that has two sinks. Traditionally, the two sinks, or double bowls, are installed into a large cabinet vanity, and the countertop is cut to accommodate two sinks along with corresponding fixtures.

3 Pros of a Double Vanity

There are many benefits to choosing a double vanity. Here are a few pros of double vanity sinks:

1. Double Vanities Provide More Shared Space

Double vanity sinks are common types of sinks to consider for your custom home. They can be ideal additions to bathroom designs that will be shared because they offer more space. Double sinks in a primary bathroom means two people can get ready at the same time. They also have more counter space and storage space, which can also help when more than one person needs to store their things in the area and use the space.

These sinks allow everyone using the bathroom to have their own space. For families, being able to brush teeth, do hair, apply makeup, etc. without peeking over someone’s shoulder in a mirror is essential. Being able to go through your morning routine without bumping into someone is a valuable commodity and reduces the stress that can sometimes come with a morning rush to get ready.

2. Double Sinks Creates More Storage

In addition to allowing for ease of use in shared bathrooms, double vanity sinks are also bathroom storage solutions. They offer more counter space for items to be kept out and in easy use. You can also add baskets and small shelves to organize items on the counter.

Additionally, there are cabinets for even more storage under the counter. You can also customize the configuration of this space. With a double vanity, you have even more opportunities for a combination of drawers, cabinets, and more to give you the storage you need.

3. A Double Vanity Can Increase Home Value

Although you may not be building a custom home with the intent to sell it in the near future, you still want to consider how the choices you make affect your overall home value. One of the benefits of double vanity sinks is that they are consistent bathroom design trends that can increase your home value.

You also have some flexibility with options. Double vanity sinks can be customized to have integrated sinks, different cabinet options, etc. You still want to prioritize function, flow, and design for your needs, but it’s a nice bonus when your choices also add to the overall value of the home you’re building.

3 Cons of a Double Vanity

As with anything, there can be potential drawbacks to a double vanity sink. Here are some potential cons of double vanity sinks:

1. Double Sinks Require Larger Bathrooms

While these sinks are designed to give each occupant their own space to carry out their bathroom routines, they do take up more space. This means they require larger bathrooms to work well and can cause issues if they are added to a bathroom design that isn’t big enough to accommodate them well.

Although double vanity sinks can work in smaller bathrooms and don’t have to stretch across an entire wall, there is a point at which they don’t make sense. Not taking this into account is one of the bathroom design mistakes to avoid.

In a smaller bathroom, they simply take up too much space and subtract from the overall bathroom design and function. Consider how much space in your home design you are willing to allocate for a bathroom before deciding if double vanity sinks are the right choice.

2. A Double Vanity Means Less Wall Space

Double vanities also mean double mirrors or a larger bathroom mirror. The wider the mirror space, the narrower the wall space. If you want to have decor or storage on the walls, your options may be more limited if you opt for a double vanity sink.

If you know you want a double vanity sink and more wall space, you can opt for hanging separate mirrors above each sink instead of a single mirrored surface that takes up the majority of the wall. This is one of the double vanity bathroom ideas that give you more wall space and can also turn your bathroom mirrors into statement pieces.

3. Double Bowls Require More Plumbing

When you double the number of sinks, you also double the amount of plumbing required to run them. This does add material, installation, and maintenance costs to your bathroom design, but generally, the benefits more than outweigh the cost when a double vanity is the right choice.

Because the plumbing for each sink requires enough space between it to work properly, the smallest cabinet sizes for a double vanity usually start around 48 inches wide. This also means you’ll be sacrificing some cabinet storage to accommodate the plumbing.

However, this is usually more than made up for in the extra space you get from the rest of the double vanity that you would not have had with a single. If you opt for a bathroom design idea like a continuous vanity, you can get even more storage from the added counter and other areas.

Design and Build Your Dream Home With CHG

The type of sink and vanity are just some questions to ask when planning bathrooms in your custom home. These are some pros and cons of double vanities to consider as you think about what you need and want in the bathrooms for your custom home design.

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