Pros and Cons of Farmhouse Sinks

April 9, 2020

If you’ve started thinking about the kitchen area of your custom home design, one thing that you may have been surprised about is the sheer number of options available when it comes to your kitchen sink! Many kitchens are designed around the sink area as both a functional and aesthetic focal point that gives each kitchen its own unique look and feel. One popular option is a farmhouse sink. Here’s more information about them and some pros and cons of farmhouse sinks to help you decide if this is the right sink for your dream home:

What is a Farmhouse Sink?

Farmhouse sinks are a unique type of sink and are recognizable by their distinct apron-front design. Different than other types of sinks, the front side of farmhouse sink basins are actually exposed and are often set out from the edge of the cabinetry in the kitchen. This provides an interesting visual. And, the material chosen for the farmhouse sink can create a beautiful contrasting aesthetic with the cabinets.

Farmhouse sinks typically feature larger, deeper basins than other types of kitchen sinks. These were beneficial for meal prep and clean-up for traditionally large agricultural families. Farmhouse sinks in a modern era still adhere to that basic simple, but ample and efficient, design.

3 Pros of Farmhouse Sinks

A farmhouse sink can provide several benefits. Here are just a few pros of farmhouse sinks:

1. Farmhouse Sinks Have a Deep Basin

Farmhouse sinks are typically deeper and wider than traditional sinks. This makes them very efficient and convenient when soaking or washing larger pots and pans. Because of this, a farmhouse sink can be a great fit for homes with large families or for homeowners who do a lot of entertaining.

2. They Look Great

Farmhouse sinks add a great aesthetic to a kitchen. Depending on the chosen décor of your new home, a farmhouse sink can be exactly what is needed to cap off an interior design.

Farmhouse sinks are essential for a farmhouse, modern farmhouse, or rustic look in your home. This type of sink is truly a unique accent and statement piece in a kitchen and sure to be a topic of conversation when any guests come to visit!

3. A Farmhouse Sink is Versatile

The versatility of a farmhouse-style sink is another great benefit. They come in a range of sizes, can be double or single basin, and are offered in a variety of different materials. The size of your farmhouse sink should be determined by the amount of space available.

Other considerations regarding the sink configuration or the material and color chosen should be made in conjunction with personal preferences. You want it to fit your style and tastes while keeping in mind how the sink will look when installed within your chosen countertops and cabinets.

Traditional farmhouse sinks consist of one large, open basin. However, sink options today are available with multiple basins that range in layout sizing from 50/50 to various other configurations. Farmhouse sinks can be made of stainless steel, fireclay, copper, and many other materials.

Each type of material has its positives and negatives and what you choose will be determined by the look you are trying to achieve and what functional aspects are the most important to you. Your custom home builder is a great resource for helping you figure out which materials would best fit your kitchen needs.

3 Cons of Farmhouse Sinks

As with anything, there are some pros and cons of farmhouse sinks as well. Here are a few cons of farmhouse sinks:

1. Farmhouse Sinks Tend to Be More Expensive

For all the positive aspects of a farmhouse sink, they aren’t without a few drawbacks and one of those is cost. Farmhouse sinks are typically larger in size than a traditional sink and the sink basin usually costs more. If you chose a farmhouse sink made of a material such a copper, the costs can continue to grow.

Add to that a more difficult installation process and you can see why this sink option can add some expense to the final kitchen bill. It is important to determine if the aesthetic and functional benefits of this type of sink are justifiable within your custom kitchen design. Undoubtedly, you will be pleased with the benefits you will receive from a custom farmhouse sink. But as always, a cost-benefit analysis should be taken into account.

2. They Require More Space

A wider and deeper sink basin that is a feature of a farmhouse sink means that it will require more room. This means that additional counter space will be consumed by the sink area as well as extra cabinet space below the sink.

Kitchens that are already limited for space may be able to find better options that don’t take up as much available counter or cabinet space. Additionally, the apron-front of a farmhouse sink will hang past the edge of the cabinets and can be susceptible to scratching, nicks, and dings, depending on the chosen material for the sink basin.

3. A Farmhouse Sink Needs Extra Support

Due to its overall size, and depending on the type of material chosen, a farmhouse sink may require a significant amount of extra support. This means that your storage space below the sink could be restricted even further. You may be able to avoid the need for additional support by choosing a sink material that is not as heavy.

But, changing the type of material used will then need to be made in consideration with the interior design theme and décor you wish to use for your new kitchen. When the type of material is at odds with the amount of space needed for installation, or the amount of overall storage space in the kitchen ends up being diminished beyond a functional level, a farmhouse sink might not be the best choice for a particular kitchen design layout.

There are many types of sinks and these are just a few pros and cons of farmhouse sinks. Farmhouse sinks are a highly functional type of sink design that will truly never go out of style. They create amazing benefits for homeowners and can be the perfect accent piece for a customized dream kitchen in your new home.

Getting a farmhouse look for your custom home can be a breeze when you partner with the right home builder. Regardless of the look and feel you want in your custom home, the right custom home builder can make sure you get the home you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to bring your dream home to life, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!