Pros and Cons of Home Security Systems

April 9, 2019

In an ever-increasingly connected world, the ability to “check in” on your home can be appealing. At the very least, securing your home can add peace of mind whether you are at home or away from home. As with anything, there are positives as well as drawbacks to home security systems. If you’re on the fence about one for your custom home, here are some pros and cons of home security systems to help you decide:

3 Pros of Home Security Systems

Implementing a home security system in your custom home provides several benefits. Here are some pros of home security systems:

1. Peace of Mind

One of the biggest pros of home security systems is the peace of mind they give you. Knowing your home and your family is protected while you are asleep and while you are away from home is comforting. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about and can remove weight off your shoulders, especially if you’re planning to take a longer trip away from home.

2. Decrease Risk

Homes equipped with home security systems are less likely to be burglarized than those that are not protected. At the same time, when a burglary is attempted on a home with a security system, most are unsuccessful.

Essentially, a home security system makes your home less attractive for petty criminals as it makes your home a more difficult target. Plus, a home security system can help keep your home safe on vacation and give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away from home.

3. Save on Homeowners Insurance

Because a home security system decreases risk for your home, it can also provide savings on your homeowner’s insurance policy. So, although there is an expense associated with a home security system, it can more than pay for itself over time in insurance premium savings as well as lower damages in case an event would occur.

3 Cons of Home Security Systems

Even home security systems have some drawbacks. Here are a few cons of home security systems:

1. Added Expense

One of the biggest cons of home security systems is that they are an added expense. Between installation and ongoing service plans, they can become quite expensive. For some homeowners, the added expense is enough to take this option off the table. For others, it is considered a necessary investment that more than pays off long-term.

2. Extra Steps to Remember

With a home security system, there are extra steps to remember. In order for your system to work, you have to remember to set the alarm. This extra step can sometimes be forgotten in the rush to get out the door in the morning or during the sleepy walk to bed in the evening. Everyone in your family also needs to remember your security system’s code for turning off the alarm upon entry and for setting it at night.

3. Fees for “False Alarms”

Although the rate of “false alarms” for well-managed home security systems is low, they can result in extra fees should they happen. For example, if someone in your family comes home and doesn’t turn off the alarm in time or can’t remember the entry code, your local police department will respond to the alarm. It can also be considered a “false alarm” if the police find no burglar present and no signs of attempted or forced entry in or around your home.

Many local police departments will charge fees for these “false alarms”. Granted, if there was a burglary attempt that was considered a “false alarm”, it means your alarm system worked. The fee you may have to pay to your local police department for it would be far less than the damages you would incur from a successful burglary or even from repairing the damage to your home from an obvious burglary attempt like broken doors or windows.

Should You Invest in a Home Security System for Your Custom Home?

A home security system is something you purchase and implement in your home for the peace of mind while also hoping that you never have to actually need it. Essentially, it’s an extra layer of security and insurance for your home.

Because a home security system, much like purchasing insurance, is all about risk management, it can be tempting to forgo it to save on cost. It can sometimes be more comfortable to convince yourself that you don’t need it because you live in a nice neighborhood, don’t travel often, etc. so “x” would never happen to you. After all, why pay so much for something you may never need to use, right?

However, in the face of a robbery, fire, or another catastrophe, there is no doubt that a home security system is invaluable. For the homeowner who wants that extra “insurance” and level of protection for their home, a home security system is well worth the extra expense. From a property protection, insurance, and statistical standpoint, it is definitely worth the expense.

Whether you consider a home security system to be worth it for you all depends on how you approach risk management and what happens, or doesn’t happen, after that. You have to ask yourself, “how much is my peace of mind worth?” and if you’re able to take on the risk yourself of not having that security.

As you consider the home safety measures all homeowners must take, consider whether a home security system is right for you. Reviewing the pros and cons of home security systems and answering that question can help you determine whether it’s worth it to you to invest in a home security system for your custom home. If you decide a home security system is right for you, you can also look into home security trends to get the solution you need.