Pros and Cons of Integrated Sinks

May 5, 2020

Whether standard or custom, each type of sink has its place, and your choice will depend on factors such as your home’s décor, architectural style, and your budget. Integrated sinks provide many benefits and can offer homeowners a uniquely customized option that can serve as a statement piece in their home. Here are some pros and cons of integrated sinks to help you decide if this is the right type of sink for you:

What is an Integrated Sink?

An integrated sink is a sink and a countertop all in one. Sinks integrated within a countertop are constructed of one material. Instead of the sink being an added element, it is built directly into the countertop and made from the countertop material. Integrated sinks provide a seamless aesthetic and can create a customized feel of additional luxury within a home. They can be a popular choice for bathrooms, but have also been seen in kitchens as well.

3 Pros of Integrated Sinks

An integrated sink can provide many benefits. Here are a few pros of integrated sinks:

1. Integrated Sinks Create a Sleek, Seamless Look

Due to the fact that integrated sinks are built into the countertop, they create a seamless look and feel that is unparalleled by other styles of sinks. By eliminating the overlap on the countertop that a traditional drop-in sink features, integrated sinks can provide a sleek, modern, and even minimalist aesthetic.

2. They Are Easy to Clean

Integrated sinks eliminate the seals and caulked edges of traditional sink basins. This makes one benefit of this design is that it creates a near maintenance-free design that is exceedingly easy to clean.

3. An Integrated Sink is Customizable

An Integrated sink will, by design, match the countertop material you choose for your home because the sink and the countertop are constructed of the same material; a continuous piece of granite, or a solid surface countertop, for example. While this may seem limiting at first, it is important to note the customizable nature of these types of sinks.

The actual sink basin can be fabricated to the depth and width you want. Additionally, the sink shape and layout are also customizable. Great examples of this are integrated sinks in dual bathroom vanities. They can also be a great choice for kitchens.

Integrated sinks with a large main basin and an inlaid drying rack shelf that is graded to allow larger dishes and pans to air dry as any excess water flows back to the sink. This helps to keep kitchen counters free of unsightly metal drying racks and adds to a more organized kitchen space. The options are practically endless!

3 Cons of Integrated Sinks

As with anything, there are both pros and cons of integrated sinks. Here are a few cons of integrated sinks:

1. Integrated Sinks Can Be Expensive

Due to their design and the fabrication process that is required, customized integrated sinks can be more expensive than other available options. They are oftentimes constructed out of more expensive materials and these two factors combine to create both a more luxurious look and a larger price tag.

2. They Are Hard to Replace

Integrated sinks should be carefully thought out and planned due to the fact that replacement or alteration will require renovation. Traditional drop-in sinks and even undermount sinks are relatively easy to swap out and replace because they are a separate component from the countertop itself. Damage to one part of the integrated sink or countertop can be hard to repair without replacing the entire unit.

3. An Integrated Sink Can Stain or Scratch

Depending on the countertop material you choose, an integrated sink can be susceptible to staining or scratching. Because of the difficulties in repair and replacement of these types of sinks, it is important to give some additional consideration to the type of material from which you will choose to have your countertop and sink constructed.

Depending on the material you choose, sealants can be used to protect the surface of the sink and countertop. Proper care and maintenance like this will help make it more durable and keep it looking its best for years to come. Your custom home builder will be able to guide you in the right direction in terms of materials and appropriate finishes to ensure optimal performance and lifespan from your sink and countertop.

With so many types of sinks and custom options available, it can be dizzying to try to select the best sink for your new dream home. Sinks are important components of both kitchens and bathrooms and have big implications regarding the efficiency and convenience of these areas of your home. Weighing the pros and cons of integrated sinks and other types you are considering can help you figure out what might work best for you.

Working with a reputable and experienced custom home builder can also help. They can help present the options, weigh your wants, needs, and, ultimately, your goals for each area of the home, and work with you to determine the right path for your new custom home. Starting that conversation is easy! Give Custom Home Group a call today at 717-284-4090.