Pros and Cons of U-Shaped Kitchens

May 21, 2019

There are a lot of options available and details to consider when you design and build a custom home, especially when it comes to the kitchen. There are several kitchen layouts available. If you’re not sure which layout is right for you, looking at the pros and cons of each can help you narrow it down. Here are some pros and cons of u-shaped kitchens to help you determine whether it’s right for you:

What is a U-Shaped Kitchen?

A u-shaped kitchen is also sometimes referred to as a horseshoe kitchen. They’re characterized by their “u” shape formed by three connected walls of cabinets and counters. This type of kitchen layout tends to be more common in older homes, but does pop up every now and then in more modern homes.

3 Pros of U-Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen layouts offer several benefits. Here are a few pros of u-shaped kitchens:

1. U-shaped kitchens tend to have plenty of counter space.

Because u-shaped kitchens have three connected walls, they also tend to have plenty of counter space. This means there are a lot of available work areas and, as long as the kitchen isn’t too narrow, it easily accommodates multiple people in the kitchen. This helps make getting the family ready and out the door in the mornings easier as well as meal prep in general.

2. They can provide more separation for the kitchen.

Open concept kitchens tend to be more popular because they offer a more open look and feel. For homeowners who want a little more separation and definition for their kitchen, a u-shaped kitchen layout can be a good fit. They can be designed for a more closed-off kitchen or kept more open to work within the open concept framework.

3. U-shaped kitchens tend to provide plenty of storage.

With three connected walls, there is plenty of space for cabinets and drawers, which also means plenty of available storage space. On top of that, u-shaped kitchens can have space for a kitchen island. This only gives you more options to add even more counter space, storage, and even seating to your kitchen.

3 Cons of U-Shaped Kitchens

Every kitchen layout has its benefits and its drawbacks. Here are a few cons of u-shaped kitchens:

1. U-shaped kitchens can feel cramped.

U-shaped kitchens that tend to be deeper and more narrow can feel cramped. Although there is plenty of work space, if the open area of the kitchen isn’t wide enough, it can get hectic when there is more than one person in the kitchen. Taking this into account during the design phase can help ensure the “u” is wider and more open to prevent it from feeling like a tight space even when there are multiple people in the kitchen.

2. The corner cabinets can sometimes be a pain.

With three connected walls, you have two areas of corner cabinets. Depending on how your kitchen is designed and furnished, these corner cabinets can be a pain to access and frustrating to replace if they are damaged or broken.

Replacing damaged or broken cabinets is a normal part of home maintenance, but you can do a few things to help make corner storage more accessible. Using cabinetry specifically made for corners or implementing storage carousels in the corners is a great way to make these areas more easily accessible while also getting the most storage possible out of the space.

3. U-shaped kitchens can be prone to traffic jams.

Because a u-shaped kitchen only has one way in or out, it can be prone to traffic jams. Usually, u-shaped kitchens have a wider opening, so this issue is generally resolved during the design phase. But, a narrower u-shaped kitchen may disrupt the flow of people if several are trying to get in or out of the kitchen at the same time.

The u-shaped kitchen is just one of several types of kitchen design layouts. Looking at some of the potential pros and cons of u-shaped kitchens can help you figure out whether its the right one for you.

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