Pros and Cons of Double Vanity Sinks

February 7, 2018

Often during the design process, the bathroom is reduced to function rather than style. Many of us have a standard idea of what a bathroom should look like, and rarely stray from the classic prototype. However, when it comes to designing the ideal bathroom for your home there are hundreds of interesting options to choose from! One of which is double vanity sinks. When you’re thinking about the design of your bathroom, consider these pros and cons of double vanity sinks to decide if installing one of them is right for you:

Pros of Double Vanity Sinks

The following shows a couple of ways having double vanity sinks can benefit you and your home:

More Shared Space

This type of sink can be an ideal addition to a bathroom when it will be shared among a number of people. These sinks allow everyone using the bathroom to have their own space.

For families, being able to brush teeth, do hair, and apply makeup without peeking over someone’s shoulder in a mirror is essential. Being able to go through your morning routine without bumping into someone is a valuable commodity and reduces the stress that can sometimes come with a morning rush to get ready.

Upgrades Your Home Value

Installing this type of sink in your home may be a smart addition that also increases the overall value of your home. Many families looking to buy homes place a lot of value in having their own space in a shared bathroom.

Cons of Double Vanity Sinks

There are some drawbacks to having double vanity sinks, which include:


While these sinks are designed to give each bathroom occupant their own space to carry out their bathroom routines, if they’re added to too small a bathroom it can become problematic. In a smaller bathroom, they would simply take up too much space and subtract from the whole.

Consider the space you are working with before deciding if double vanity sinks are the right addition to your bathroom. And, if this type of sink is a priority for you, but the space for your bathroom is too small, the planning stage is the perfect time to adjust your custom home design to allow for a larger bathroom.

Less Wall Space

The wider the mirror space, the narrower the wall space. If you have artwork, hooks, or cabinets that you wanted to hang they just won’t fit. Getting this style of sink eliminates the vertical room you have to work with in your bathroom, so some sacrifices are needed.

There both pros and cons to double vanity sinks. Some of the benefits of them are that they work well in a variety of bathroom designs and there are several double vanity bathroom ideas to help you get the look and function you want. Need some advice about planning and building a custom home? Give us a call at (717) 284-4090 or contact us today!