Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchens

January 22, 2018

Food brings people together, of that there is no doubt. Nothing complements a get-together better than some delicious food and drinks, and what’s more delicious than homemade food? If you have a patio, porch, or deck you might consider an outdoor kitchen. There’s a lot to love about outdoor kitchens, but there are several things you should take into consideration before constructing one. Here are some pros and cons of outdoor kitchens:

4 Pros of Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are one of the hot housing trends and offer several benefits. Here are some pros of outdoor kitchens:

1. Entertainment

An outdoor kitchen gives you all the more reason to have guests over. Food is perfect for bringing people together! If cooking is a pastime of yours, then you can turn it into entertainment by showing off your skills.

2. Custom Beauty

Outdoor kitchens can be gorgeous. Without the limitations of being surrounded by fixed walls, you are free to construct them however you wish! You can make them as compact or lavish as your heart desires. Even one of the creative gazebo ideas is to include an outdoor kitchen.

3. Easy Access

If you enjoy spending time outdoors on the deck, by a pool, or in a garden, an outdoor kitchen makes it that much easier to treat your guests. Without one, you are either stuck with serving simple grilled foods, or traveling back and forth from the kitchen to the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen means more appliances immediately at the ready to cook a large variety of foods for you and your guests.

4. Open Flame Cooking

Believe it or not, the outdoors can add quality to your food. The fresh air can enable you to cook better food that would be too dangerous to cook in a cramped indoor kitchen. Plus, if your neighborhood allows open flame cooking, you can get that unique flavor which only comes from cooking over a flame and coal or wood.

3 Cons of Outdoor Kitchens

As with anything, there are potential drawbacks to outdoor kitchens as well as benefits. Here are some cons of outdoor kitchens:

1. Space

An outdoor kitchen requires space. If you want a larger backyard, but are limited to a smaller lot, and outdoor kitchen will cut into the yard space you have available. You’ll also have to ensure there is enough space between your lot and any neighboring lots. Otherwise, your outdoor kitchen could become a point of contention between you and your neighbors.

2. Weather Protection

All outdoor equipment needs protection of some sort. Without it, all your equipment is likely to corrode due to the elements. This is true especially in the winter, so you need to always keep an eye on the weather and perform regular maintenance.

3. Security

Security can become an issue with outdoor kitchens. Sure, it’s difficult for someone to steal your built-in grill, but the same cannot be said for anything else you happen to leave or store in your outdoor kitchen. Anything left outside, if not properly secure, is susceptible to theft.

Outdoor kitchens are just one of many ideas for outdoor living spaces. A well-kept outdoor kitchen is a luxurious addition to your grounds. It will never stop providing you and your guests with great food and entertainment. Plus, an area to relax and entertain is one of the backyard must-haves for your custom home. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, an outdoor kitchen could be the right choice.