Pros and Cons of Wrap-Around Porches

July 24, 2017

Porches are a wonderful asset for any home. They are a spot where you and your guests can relax while chatting, snacking, and enjoying a beautiful view. They present everyone with the perfect area to relax and indulge in idle conversation. So, it would seem that the bigger the porch the better, correct? Perhaps so. Here are some pros and cons of wrap-around porches to help you decide for yourself and your situation:

4 Pros of Wrap-Around Porches

1. Wrap-Around Porches Offer a Scenic View

Easily the best thing about wrap-around porches is the view. Particularly if your home is located in the countryside, and has a very scenic view all around. This kind of porch will allow you to enjoy every bit of your view. What better way to show off your wondrous landscape?

2. They Offer Outdoor Protection

They are a great way to enjoy the rain from a comfortable spot. You can relax to the sound of the droplets pattering against your roof and watch it falling down while being protected from the elements.

3. Wrap-Around Porches Offer More Space

The extra space also allows for more decoration. You can be consistent in what sort of decor you include on your porch or you can vary it up from side to side. This gives you full opportunity to let your creativity shine.

4. They Offer Extra Accessibility Points

Given that they encircle the entire house, there can be more than one entrance to the porch. This extra accessibility makes travel throughout your home much easier.

3 Cons of Wrap-Around Porches

1. They are an Additional Cost

In order to own a porch that encircles your entire home, you need to be willing to pay for both its construction and its maintenance.

2. Wrap-Around Porches Require Land

These structures only work well in places where you have a decent lot of land. Being located within a city, closely surrounded by many other houses, is more likely to just give your home a very claustrophobic feel.

3. They Need Maintenance and Attention

Decorating these porches can sometimes be tedious. It is a lot of extra space to account for, which can be just as much a con as it is a pro. If you don’t give it due attention, then it will appear and feel very barren. It may even make your home look lonely rather than welcoming.

When it comes down to it, the most important things to consider before purchasing a wrap-around porch are location suitability, available view, and desired appearance. Costs are another concern, but without the proper vision, the porch will more likely detract from your home rather than add to it.