6 Questions to Ask When Planning Bathrooms in Your Custom Home

July 21, 2020

Bathrooms are important rooms in your custom home. It’s important to get the quantity and layout right and there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some questions to ask when planning bathrooms in your custom home:

1. How Many Bathrooms Do You Need?

One of the biggest questions to ask when planning bathrooms in your custom home is about how many bathrooms you need. Knowing how many bedrooms you need and whether each bedroom will have its own bathroom can help you figure out how many bathrooms to include in your home design.

You want to make sure you include enough bathrooms to handle everyone living in the home or visiting. Also, consider the types of bathrooms you need. How many full bathrooms? Does a powder room make sense? Would a Jack and Jill bathroom make sense? Thinking about these things can help you determine the right balance of bathrooms for your custom home and help inform their placement.

2. Where Would You Like Full and Half Baths?

Full and half bathrooms are important to create an efficient and comfortable home. Depending on your family size, lifestyle, and schedule, your home can be a little crazy before everyone goes to school and work.

Creating half as well as full baths can cut down on the headaches. Half baths are also convenient for house guests and quick touch-ups. You will need to decide where to put full and half baths in your home design.

Full bathrooms are generally located closer to bedrooms while a half bath might be located closer to more social areas. Depending on your home layout and configuration, you might have only full baths and not have any powder rooms at all. One of the best parts of having a custom home is that the types of rooms and placement is up to you!

3. Which Bathrooms Need Dual Vanities?

There are pros and cons of double vanities and they may not be the best fit for every bathroom in your home. Generally, the master bathroom has two sinks or a dual vanity. But, it may not be the only bathroom in your custom home that could benefit from more than one sink. If there will be another shared bathroom in your custom home or a Jack and Jill bathroom, a dual vanity would be a good choice for those bathrooms.

At the same time, not every bathroom needs more than one sink. Powder rooms generally only require one sink and usually would not benefit from a dual vanity. Thinking through this can help you save space when one sink is sufficient while also ensuring you have the function you need in shared spaces.

4. What Type of Shower/Bath Will Each Full Bath Have?

A shower/tub combo can be a good fit for some bathrooms while a walk-in shower unit or a curbless shower is a better fit in other bathrooms. If there is enough space, as is common in a master bathroom, you may decide to have a walk-in shower and a freestanding bathtub.

Additionally, there are several styles and types of bathtubs to choose from. Thinking about what works best for each of your full bathrooms is important as it will help determine how much space to allocate to each and the best layouts for them.

5. What Kind of Storage Does Each Bathroom Need?

Every bathroom needs storage. But, including enough storage is often overlooked, which is one of the common bathroom design mistakes to avoid. In addition to things like towels, cleaning supplies, etc., you’ll also need storage space for accessories and other items. Figuring out the right mix of bathroom storage solutions for each bathroom can help you plan out enough storage where you need it.

6. Are There Convenient Features You Want to Add?

Once you have the big items figured out, you also want to think about the details like fixtures, faucets, lighting, and convenience. Hands-free faucets, rain showers, heated flooring, a steam shower or in-home sauna, and more are all bathroom design ideas that can add luxurious and convenient features to your bathroom.

Thinking about items, features, or things you want to have in a bathroom during the design phase can help you figure out important details, adjust the layout as needed, and ensure you get a functional bathroom that looks great and has all of the features you want.

These are just a few questions to ask when planning bathrooms in your custom home. Taking some time to think about how you would answer them can help you determine some important aspects to include in your custom home design. But, you don’t have to do it alone.

A custom home builder, especially one with a built-in design/build process, can help you work through the options and details for your home design. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!