3 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Custom Home Bathrooms

October 11, 2016

Though you may not immediately think of bathrooms when designing a home they are often the first impression your home makes with friends and guests. Designing your bathroom or bathrooms is an important project where your creativity can roam free. Here are a few questions you must answer before you begin designing so you have the perfect bathroom in your perfect home.

What color schemes and textures would you like?

Color and texture are important to any room. This can make your home look clean, inviting, and warm. A bathroom should have the same consideration as any room. You will want to decide on cool and calming bathroom colors with impermeable flooring, walls, and fixtures. Brushed metal can be a wonderful, modern touch but if you want to go for a more old-fashioned appearance brass or copper can be just as beautiful. This is a fantastic foundation for a beautiful bathroom that will last for years to come.

Where would you like full and half baths?

Full and half bathrooms are important to create an efficient and comfortable home. Depending on your family size and what your mornings consist of, your home can be a little crazy before everyone goes to school and work. Creating half as well as full baths can cut down on the headaches and clogged toilets. Half baths are also convenient for house guests and quick touch-ups. Depending on the layout of your home you will need to decide where to put full and half baths. Lower levels traditionally have half baths while full baths are usually closer to bedrooms. For multi-generational homes, however, you may want a full bath on the ground floor to make bathing simple for children and elderly. One of the best parts of having a custom home and bathroom is that the placement is up to you!

Do you need customization?

With custom bathrooms comes custom fixtures. Custom fixtures can be a perk or a necessity. For some of us, we wish to design a bathroom with a sauna or Jacuzzi. For other families, however, there is equipment that is necessary for their daily life. Those that live with mental or physical disabilities may need equipment or fixtures in their bathrooms to make bathing and cleanliness simple and efficient. Equipment such as moveable shower heads, handrails, and ramps may be necessary. Before you begin designing your bathroom talk to your contractor about yours or your loved ones needs so they can make the bathroom and the rest of the home as comfortable as possible.