5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Custom Home Kitchen

October 6, 2016

Being able to remodel or create your own custom kitchen can be an amazing opportunity that will make your home more inviting and comfortable. Before you begin setting up blueprints and buying two by fours there are a few things you want to consider. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before construction begins.

1. What annoys you the most about your current kitchen?

Try to cook a large meal in your kitchen. As you work, write down what you like about the process and what you don’t like. What is difficult and how could it be easier? Once the meal is finished do the same writing process during clean up. Is the kitchen cramped? Does it lack organization? Once you’re done you will have (probably pages full of) ideas and suggestions to make your kitchen work for you.

Here you can also jot down what new amenities and appliances you will want in your new kitchen. This way you and the contractor can plan ahead so everything has a place.

2. What colors do you want to incorporate?

Like every other room, you will want to think about what color schemes you will want in your kitchen. While you may think a bold color or a stark white is perfect for you, you will want to consider a whole rainbow of colors. This way you will have plenty of options to choose from and you will be able to change the décor without a new coat of paint.

3. What materials and textures do you want to bring into your kitchen?

A similar philosophy goes with the textures and materials you will use in your new kitchen. Be sure to use appliances, countertops, and woods with neutral tones. This way you won’t have to worry about your kitchen clashing and you can switch up the décor when you need a new perspective.

4. How do you make your kitchen perfect for you?

This can definitely be a fun part of designing your new kitchen. Go online and find kitchen design inspiration. This will help you find beautiful floors, cabinets, appliances, and storage for your kitchen. After you have found your inspiration talk to your contractor and they will be able to make your wish list work for your new kitchen.

5. What sort of budget do you have?

What sort of budget will you have in mind? Have you been saving for years or are you going to need to stretch a dollar? Before working with a contractor or purchasing materials you need to find out what your budget will be. This is a great way to keep you focused and on-task.