15 Reading Nook Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

August 10, 2023

If you love books and reading, a reading nook could be a lovely addition to your custom home design. The options are endless so you’re guaranteed to find something that works best for your design. Here are a few reading nook ideas to consider for your custom home:

1. Incorporate a Nook With Custom Book Shelving

Built-in bookshelves are just one of the classic architectural features to incorporate into your custom home. If you have a book collectionstaine (or hope to have one), adding custom bookshelves with a reading nook is a great way to display your books and have a place to read.

When designing your bookshelves, leave some space for reading nooks. Add space for a cozy sofa that’s surrounded by bookshelves. Or, add in a cubby that’s big enough to sit in with room for soft blankets and cushions. Built-ins like this are also one of the design ideas for sunken living rooms and can help you create a reading nook as a feature within a space.

2. Use a Bay Window

Bay windows are a great feature in a custom home and turning one into a reading nook is a useful bay window idea. They let in a lot of natural light, making them perfect for a reading nook. If you have a larger bay window area, try pairing two chairs together. If you have a smaller area, one chair works too.

You can also turn the bay window’s deeper sills into a reading nook. By adding some comfortable cushions and lighting, you’ll have the perfect reading spot. With plenty of natural light during the day, it will also be a cozy spot in the evening. You can also include stained glass accents in the side lites of the window. This is one of the stained glass ideas that can add interesting design details and a more whimsical atmosphere to your reading nook.

3. Utilize a Landing

Try using wasted spaces for reading nooks. Spaces like the landing at the top of a staircase can make the perfect reading nook. Add a comfy chair and bookshelves to create a little oasis. Make sure you have good lighting so reading is easy on the eyes. Using a table lamp is effective and it’s also a functional hallway lighting idea.

4. Maximize Storage

If you have the option, combine your nook with storage. This can be achieved by adding extra bookshelves for your books or using a storage bench placed in a quiet reading area. Combining spaces is a useful way to incorporate more storage into your custom home design.

5. Turn a Dormer into a Reading Nook

If your custom home design includes dormers, these can make great reading nooks. If they’re big enough for a chair, add some practical lighting. Or ask for a built-in custom bench with either shelving for books or other storage.

6. Use Empty Wall Space

A reading nook doesn’t have to be an actual nook. If you know you have some wall space without a function, turn that into a reading spot. If there’s empty space between a sideboard and another wall, add some floor cushions for a cozy spot. These are all ideas to eliminate wasted space in your home and can help you create more book storage and reading areas in your home design.

7. Carve Out a Space Under the Stairs

The space under the staircase can be an optimal reading nook location. Paint the area a calming color, and add some string lights and soft blankets. If you have the option, ask for a built-in nook with any customizations you’d like. Adding bookshelves to the nook area is a great staircase storage idea, too.

8. Offer Plenty of Options

If you have the space for it, offer a few different seating options. You might prefer stretching out on a loveseat but your child may prefer a beanbag chair. A nice, cushy chair is a good choice, too.

Make sure each seating option is well-lit. People won’t utilize seats that aren’t well-lit, which makes that seating option pointless and a waste of space.

9. Revamp an Unused Room

If you will have an unused room or a bonus room in your home design, like a tiny storage room, consider turning it into a reading nook. Not only does this give this space a purpose, but it also gives readers a bit more privacy and quiet.

Be sure to layer lighting options for the best lighting. Not only is layering lighting a popular home lighting trend, but it’s also functional and practical. Try stringing Christmas lights for a warm glow and add table or floor lamps for brighter light when needed.

Make sure you have various seating options, too. Try floor cushions as well as a couch or a few chairs. Add a coffee table or two so you can enjoy a warm beverage while reading.

10. Go Outside

One of the sunroom design ideas is to create a comfortable space for reading, and you can do the same in other outdoor spaces. If you will have an unused part of your patio or deck, this can be a good reading nook, weather permitting.

Make sure there’s shade available so you don’t need to be in direct sunlight constantly. Opt for cozy floor cushions or seating that is weather-resistant and easy to clean. Adding a reading nook can be a unique and practical outdoor patio design idea to try, especially if you love reading.

11. It’s Okay to Keep it Simple

A reading nook doesn’t need to be fancy or decorated to the nines. A simple area with a cozy seat and good lighting is sufficient. Avid readers will read anywhere, so even a simple space dedicated to reading will make them happy!

12. Separate it From the Rest of the Room

If your reading nook is part of a larger room, you might want to section it off. However, you don’t need to build a wall or add a door. You can section off the space with a privacy screen to offer a bit of distinction between spaces. These visual dividers are one of the ways to define spaces in an open-concept floor plan.

Alternatively, you can hang a curtain if you don’t want the hassle of storing a privacy screen. Make sure you have a place to tie back the curtain so it’s out of the way when you want the whole space open.

13. Double the Functionality

A reading nook is a great place to double as a home office or study area. Adding a small desk or small table can maximize this space for a few different functions. Just make sure you still have a comfortable chair or other seating option beyond a standard desk chair.

Stick to calming colors and other elements to encourage studying and workflow. Be sure to layer a few lighting options, too. These are all tips that can help you design a productive home office that can also double as a reading nook.

14. Hang a Hammock or Swing

A swing in a reading nook is perfect for homes with kids and adults alike. It’s a fun kid’s bedroom design idea, but it can work in a reading nook, too! Not only is it a comfortable seating option, but it’s a novel decorating element and might be the perfect encouragement for a kid who’s not the biggest fan of reading.

Make sure your hammock or swing is hung correctly to avoid any accidents and possible injuries. This is something you can do yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable, you can have it professionally installed.

15. Use a Shed

If you want a completely separate nook away from your house, try a shed. This is a creative way to use a shed on your property and is perfect for reading and studying. This space will be quiet and offer you plenty of relaxation. If you don’t have electricity available in your shed, be sure to have seating by windows to maximize the use of natural light. Otherwise, use small battery-powered lights if need be.

These are just a few reading nook ideas to consider for your custom home. If you’re ready to get started on your dream home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090! We’ll help make your dreams a reality.