4 Reasons to Move to Conowingo, Maryland

December 13, 2017

Nestled between Lancaster, PA and Baltimore, MD, Conowingo is a tiny town with big charm. Conowingo has a lot to offer to growing families, from its small-town feel to its big-country heart. Just minutes away from dozens of engaging activities and exquisite sights, Conowingo is a haven for people looking to settle down. Have a look at some of our favorite things about this little town!

1. Top-Notch Schools

One of the most important aspects of moving to a new town as a family is the school district. Cecil County boasts a significant advantage when compared to the average US school. Education spending per student is nearly 10% more than the national average in Conowingo. In addition, their teacher-to-student ratio of 14.4:1 is above the US average of 16.8.

Not only that, but their ratio of students to counselors is nearly 33% better than the national average. With this kind of support, students are more likely to get the help they need. For families with children, these kinds of educational opportunities are essential.

2. Susquehanna State Park

Susquehanna State Park has something for everyone! History buffs, adventurous families, horseback riders, and agile fishers are all welcome to this multi-faceted park. The working gristmill and Tidewater canal remnants are fascinating historic remains. Not to mention the Steppingstone Farm Museum! With its restored farmhouse and blacksmith, this museum preserves the rural history of the area.

The park is home to dense forests and rough terrain, which is ideal for hiking. There are many campgrounds throughout for resting, and tricky trails for biking. In fact, there are 15 miles and 8 trails available for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The campgrounds also serve as picturesque spots to camp for the whole family.

For fishers and bow hunters, Susquehanna State Park has all the game offered by the Susquehanna River. Bass, waterfowl, and deer abound in this heavy thicketed forest! As long as all your permits are in order, and you stay in designated areas, you can hunt to your heart’s content.

Susquehanna State Park is located twenty minutes from Conowingo in Havre de Grace.

3. Havre de Grace Maritime Museum

The Havre de Grace Maritime Museum is a 10,000 square feet devotion to all things maritime. Its exhibits include historic artifacts as well as modern replicas. It takes a look at John Smith’s voyage in 1608, and his goal to establish trade. Throughout, there are folk art pieces, Native American tools, intricate naval machinery, and detailed fish exploration.

Boats, all types of boats, are a main facet of the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum. It displays vessels through the ages and how they worked. With rich detail and handcrafted mastery, the pieces in the museum speak volumes of maritime tradition.

The Environmental Center focuses on the preservation, and restoration, of the surrounding wetland and shoreline. It offers educational courses for people of all ages, including fishing, lectures, and boating classes. The habitat directly near the museum is home to natural tidal creatures, so it serves as a working classroom!

The Havre de Grace Maritime Museum is roughly 25 minutes from Conowingo.

4. Bulle Rock

Bulle Rock is a destination for golf-lovers everywhere. Its 18 gorgeously laid out holes were designed by no other than Pete Dye himself. Revered by golfers the world over, Pete Dye has received numerous honors for his designs. For example, he earned the Old Tom Morris Award, the PGA Tour Lifetime Award, and was Architect of the Year according to Golf World magazine. Needless to say, his golf courses are breathtaking.

This course, in particular, covers over 230 acres, and includes a variety of short and long holes. Each river, field, and even each rough is a thing of beauty. Along with its captivating scenery, Bulle Rock offers high-quality amenities. The Silks Restaurant serves designer meals with banquet room dining and a deck. There are also fully equipped locker rooms, a Golf Shop, practice facilities, and a double fairway driving range. Additionally, Bulle Rock has a staggering 17,000 square feet putting green!

Bulle Rock is located in Havre de Grace, MD, about 20 minutes away from Conowingo.

A Haven Called Home

Conowingo, Maryland has many more reasons than these to welcome you home. Check out our neighborhoods, and if you like what you see give us a call at (717) 284-4090 or contact us today!