3 Steps to Refreshing Your Home for Summer

June 5, 2017

Summer is slowly but surely inching its way towards us. Begin preparing your home to best handle the summer heat to enjoy it to its fullest. After so many months of winter, and getting teased with pleasant days only to revert to the dreary cold, it’s very easy to let these important tasks slip your mind.

1. Check Your Air Conditioning

The most practical, and perhaps the most important, part of preparing for summer is to make certain that your air conditioning is functioning properly. Try leaving it on while you are gone or using a thermometer. If you want to use a thermometer, you simply turn on the air conditioning unit and lay the thermometer near the cooling equipment. Leave it there for five minutes, and then jot down the temperature. Repeat the process with the return vent. If the air coming out is 14-20 degrees cooler than the air going in, then your unit is functioning properly. If it is not within that range, then there is a problem.

2. Look Out for Ventilation Leaks

To accompany this check up, also be on the look-out for ventilation leaks. Having the air conditioning working is the first step, but it will do you little good if all the cool air is escaping your home. If the thermometer test works but you find that your home is still too hot, that means the air is escaping from somewhere. Basements and attics are the usual suspects that leak your much-needed cool air.

3. Stock up on Summer Essentials

Be sure to stock up on summer essentials to take for walks or trips, such as insect repellent, aloe, sunblock, and water bottles.

Yet a happy summer home isn’t solely about keeping out the heat and bugs. It’s also about revitalizing yourself. With the revival of the sun and plants, you ought to give yourself that same boost. A new look, or swapping brighter colors for the cooler ones of winter in your home can help liven the mood. The more changes you can make, the fresher you’ll feel. Beginning a project with your loved ones to redecorate is an excellent opportunity to kick off the season. It’s a grand excuse to get together, work, and simply enjoy a good time and each other’s company.

Give your tabletops some finishing to help them look new. Replace your lampshades to give your rooms a small but effective change. Changes do not have to be expensive, or big, the smallest touches will help to give your home a sense of renewal.