Top 5 Restaurant Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

January 28, 2021

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or watched cooking shows on TV and then dreamt about having a restaurant-style kitchen in your home? It doesn’t have to stay just a dream, especially when you design and build a custom home. There are plenty of restaurant design ideas for your kitchen to help you bring the kitchen design from your favorite restaurants to the comfort of your home!

5 Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Here are a few of the top restaurant design ideas you can bring into your home kitchen design:

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of the most popular restaurant design ideas for home kitchen designs. A lot of people like this concept because it allows for more space. Most kitchen gadgets and appliances can be on wall-mounted shelves.

Not only are open shelves a great way to display and organize items, but open shelves are one of the popular kitchen cabinet styles that fit in with almost any design theme. Plus, open shelving is convenient because it enables you to have a clear view and easily reach what you need.

2. Pot/Utensil Racks

Anyone who spends a lot of time cooking tends to have a bunch of pots and pans. These items can take up a ton of space. So, what do you do with the ones you don’t need to use at the moment?

In both movies and real-life restaurants, cooks usually keep their pots, pans, and utensils on hanging racks and not in the cabinetry. It is an attractive idea for plenty of people because they can put all of their nice kitchen items on display. Depending on the style of the racks you choose, this can also be an industrial kitchen idea

Hanging racks are a convenient solution because they don’t take up a lot of space. This frees up cabinet space and keeps what you need within easy reach, which makes using racks one of the most useful kitchen organization tips. Plus, you’ll always know where everything is.

3. Work Surface

Having a good work table is vital in every kitchen! Many people looking to create a restaurant-style kitchen are searching for work tables that offer a worktop spacious enough to perform all tasks.

A lot of counter space is a big help in this endeavor. You can also opt for a kitchen island to get more prep space and to add more storage to your kitchen design. When it comes to materials, the preferred option for restaurants is stainless steel.

There are pros and cons of stainless steel appliances at home. But, this material is known for its antibacterial properties and easy maintenance. Stainless steel also contributes significantly to the industrial look and can help you get that restaurant style at home.

4. Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

If you are on the mission to design your kitchen to look like the one from your favorite restaurant, you might consider installing pull-down kitchen faucets. They are becoming more popular in general because they are highly convenient and versatile.

If you spend a lot of time cooking or for many people, you will fall in love with this faucet. Its stylish gooseneck design will make a great addition to your kitchen and it will help you design your kitchen for entertaining.

5. Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic kitchen design is one of the restaurant styles that found its way to the hearts of many people in the Western world. Thus, you can find it in a lot of homes. It can be one of the hardest styles to achieve because it requires a lot of creativity.

However, it is also the most rewarding. These types of kitchen designs are personalized and characterized by the absence of any conventional style. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose a design that you want as dominant; it just means you get a lot of freedom to combine and play with multiple styles.

Restaurant kitchen designs undeniably got popularized through movies and TV shows, which definitely contributed to them becoming home design trends. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they are super-convenient, and that made people even more curious about them. There are plenty of ways to incorporate restaurant design ideas into your own kitchen design, so don’t be afraid to get creative.