4 Tips for Rock Wall Interior that Works

July 21, 2017

Trends come and go. Very often, a decorative piece or style that was popular a couple years ago will have a resurgence. We’d like to review rock walls, also known as exposed walls, and their fashion status. Stone as a building material is dated by nature, but the truth of the matter is that they still present a very aesthetic look. Looking through old fashion magazines is a great way to gain inspiration.

Some of the appeal of an interior rock wall is that it creates a very natural and earthy look for your home. They give a sensation that you are stepping into a fairy tale with the rather simple and antiquated atmosphere brought on by stone. Other advantages of these types of walls are that they are very eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and have good sound insulation properties. There might be some concern that stone will make your home look very cold, but there are ways around this.

Here are a few ways to make rock wall interior work for your home:

1. Pick Pleasant Colors

Pick colors that come in pleasant hues: such as limestone, slate, brick, or coral stone. These kinds of rocks will give your home a relaxing atmosphere, especially if you are very methodical with your lighting. The proper lighting can bring out the best of your stone walls and make them lively.

2. Add Other Materials

Feel free to add other materials, and textures, to further decorate your walls. The primary concern with interior rock walls is that they may present in a cold way. Be sure to use warmer materials. Warm materials include furs, knitwork, pillows, and of course rugs.

3. Add Accents

When decorating your room, add accents of color around the wall. Against the softer color of the wall they will especially stand out, and give your room more vibrancy and a dramatic flair.

4. Keep it Simple

If you are considering installing a rock wall in a small area, it would be best to only have one wall exposed. Too many rock walls can be overpowering in small spaces. They may even feel claustrophobic. Indeed, you don’t even need an entire rock wall to achieve the effect that you want. Simply having a small section close to the ceiling, or a window, near a door, or any significant area can do its part.

Always be careful when installing rock walls. They are, after all, and investment so be certain to draw up what your rooms will look like with them. Find a look that fits just for you.