4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Bathtub

October 23, 2017

Nothing sounds more relaxing than drawing a bath after a long day at work. Letting all the built-up tension go is an essential part of the day! But, the experience can add more stress instead of releasing it if you need to update your bathtub.

Bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of a home, after all, they are a necessity. You definitely don’t want a bathroom that is in poor condition at any rate. The more a bathroom has been improved, particularly bathtubs and showers, the more it will serve its purpose to help you cleanse yourself and relax.

As with all things, however, bathtubs require proper maintenance. That means cleaning, and every so often updating, your bathtub. Here are some signs to look out for that tell you it is time to update your bathtub:

1. Stains

Check for stains on your ceiling and around your bathtub sink and toilet. If you find discoloration, you may have a leak in your bathroom. You want to get this fixed as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more difficult the problem will be to fix. It might even involve you having to replace tiles that have been damaged.

2. Drainage Difficulties

This goes hand-in-hand with the problem of stains. If your bathtub takes a long time to drain, it means there’s likely a plumbing clog or issue.The longer you wait, the worse it could get. Your pipes could even burst!

3. Cracks

Look for cracks around the bathtub, particularly where it meets the plumbing. Water can often corrode these fixtures. If they do appear, it’s a serious sign that you may need to get your plumbing checked and potentially sealed. If you don’t, the cracks will grow and cause further trouble down the line.

4. Comfort

If your bathtub is not comfortable, then you’re missing out! There are many ways you can update your bathtub to be more comfortable. For example, installing beadboards, foam pillows, or refinishing. It’s truly shocking how much of a difference a good scrub down and finishing can do to make your bathtub look as good as new! If your tub is still not offering you the comfort you need, it may be time to replace it completely with a model that fits you better.

Keep an eye out for these signs in your bathroom – it may be time for an overhaul! Whether you’re overhauling a current bathroom, planning one for your dream custom home, or both, take the time to plan it out so that you get what you want and so you avoid common bathroom design mistakes.