6 Signs You Need to Relocate Instead of Remodel

July 5, 2018

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to your current home. It’s tempting to remodel instead of relocate. But, remodeling isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it makes more sense to move or build a custom home. Here are a few signs you need to relocate instead of remodel:

1. Your Remodeling List is Too Long

One of the big signs you need to relocate instead of remodel is that your remodeling list is too long. You may have a list of updates you want to make to your home. A few updates here and there that will last for the life of the home make sense. However, when the list of remodeling projects and updates gets to be too long, it may be time to relocate.

If you feel like you are in a constant cycle of remodeling your current home and the list never gets shorter, it’s likely time to think about investing in a new home instead. Building a custom home on your current lot or on a lot in a new location can get you the home you want and need – no remodeling necessary.

2. Remodeling Costs are Equal to a New Home

If your remodeling costs over the course of a few years rival the cost of a new home, it’s probably time to relocate instead of remodel. Unless the remodeling projects you’ve done have given you everything you need, your remodeling budget might serve you better in the long run if it were invested into building a custom home.

A few high-cost, high-value remodeling projects can help you create the home you want. But, they’re only worth the investment if they last for the life of your home and you don’t have to continue remodeling those or other areas to get what you want out of your current home.

3. Remodeling is a Temporary Fix

Completing a remodeling project should be a permanent fix, not a band-aid for a more serious problem. If your current home has structural or foundation issues that cannot be fixed without some serious overhaul, remodeling could end up being a waste of time and money.

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom over a structure that needs to be updated or fixed doesn’t provide a solution for the real problem. If this is the situation you’re starting to find yourself in with your current home, it’s probably time to relocate instead or start over by building a custom home from the ground up.

4. Your Neighborhood Isn’t a Good Fit

As you start to consider remodeling your current home, consider your neighborhood and surrounding location. How do you feel about it? Do you still like it? If you don’t have many ties to your current neighborhood and feel yourself drifting away from it, it might be time to consider moving to a new neighborhood.

How much you like the area you live in can impact how you feel in your current home as well. In addition to the overall look and feel, think about your commute, the school district you’re in, and what amenities you’re close to. Are there parks nearby that you love? How about shopping centers? Are you close to what you need day-to-day? Answering these questions can help you determine whether it makes sense to stay or consider a different area.

5. Your Future Needs Will Change

When it comes to moving vs remodeling, take some time to think about your future needs before jumping into remodeling projects. Will your family be growing or will you have an empty nest soon? Thinking about what your family’s needs may be in the future will help you determine whether your current home will be able to meet them with some updates. If not, you may want to consider relocating in order to get what you need.

6. You Have the Budget for Moving

Another big sign that it may be better to relocate instead of remodel is your budget. If you’ve already done some remodeling in your current home and you have the budget for it, why not move and build a custom home?

When your current home isn’t exactly what you want, building a custom home allows you to get the home you’ve always dreamed of. The possibilities are endless.

These are the signs you need to relocate instead of remodel. If you find that relocation makes more sense, think about getting exactly what you want without needing to remodel by building a custom home. Contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to get on the path towards your dream home!