5 Smart Home Devices to Consider for Your Custom Home

August 15, 2019

As technology continues to evolve, it becomes more and more integrated into our lives. Over the years, more smart home technology has become available. Now, we have more connected home devices available for technologically advanced homes than ever before. Here are a few smart home devices to consider for your custom home:

1. Virtual Home Assistant

Between Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and more, there are plenty of virtual home assistants to choose from. With features like voice commands and smartphone controls, there are a lot of opportunities to set up your assistant to help you customize the atmosphere of your home.

You can control lighting, including brightness and color, handle home security, operate entertainment devices, and more. Essentially, you can set up your home assistant so that you can control any device in your home that connects to the cloud by voice or through your phone.

2. Smart Thermostat

Being able to control your home’s temperature with a smart thermostat can help take your energy efficiency to the next level. They often allow you to manage and control the temperature on a room-by-room basis.

Not only does this mean that every room is heated or cooled properly, but it also means you can eliminate inefficiencies in specific rooms to improve your home’s overall performance and comfort.

3. Smart Home Security

When it comes to home security, there are a ton of smart home devices available and they can all give you more peace of mind when it comes to your home.

Security Cameras

Wondering how things are going while you are away on vacation? No problem, get alerts and check in on everything with security cameras you can view from your phone. Indoor or outdoor cameras can be linked to your phone, home assistant, and more to give you protection when you need it and peace of mind when you want it.

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells often do more than just letting you see who is at your door. Depending on the brand and features you choose, you can route the doorbell to your phone so you can communicate with anyone who stops by while you are not home, should you choose to engage with them. This allows you to communicate with the person at the door via a speaker in case you can’t answer the door or for some reason don’t want to open the door.

Smart Lock

Have you ever left home and then wondered if you locked the door? The days of turning around to check or just hoping for the best are over. With smart lock technology, you can add a layer of security to your doors that allows you to lock or unlock them from your phone. No more wondering if your home is secure! You can just check it from your phone and lock if needed.

There are also often auto-lock and auto-unlock features you can set up for your convenience. This is certainly a helpful feature when you’re trying to get in the house and your hands are full. You can also receive alerts that will let you know if the door is open or ajar. Plus, many smart locks integrate with common smart home assistants and even some video doorbells as well.

4. Robot Vacuum

There are plenty of options when it comes to smart home technology for your kitchen and other areas of your home. Why not have smart home cleaning too? Robot vacuums aren’t just for funny pet videos on the internet. They can help keep your floors clean while also saving you time. Plus, you can control them from your smartphone.

5. Smart Plug

You may have some devices in your home that aren’t connected to the cloud or wi-fi enabled. That’s normal! If you want to be able to control whether they are on or off from your phone or through a home assistant, you can do so with a smart plug.

These plugs give you the ability to make any device “smart” and allow you to control what is plugged into them from your phone. If the plug has multiple sockets, you will usually be able to manage each one separately.

Smart home technology is one of the features to consider in custom home construction and there are a ton of smart home devices to consider for your custom home. The best part of having so many options available is that it allows you to get the features you want and truly customize your home experience. Whether you just want a little bit of tech or a lot, there is a combination of smart home devices perfect for you.