Smart Home Technology for Your Bathroom

February 21, 2018

The bathroom is probably one of the least technical places in the home – but it doesn’t need to be! There’s no reason to neglect a perfectly viable room. There are a number of incredibly useful smart home technologies that can enhance your bathroom. Home technology can make your daily routines easier, and maximize your time. Here are a few types of smart home technology for your bathroom to consider for your custom home:

1. Lighted Vanity Bathroom Mirrors

Lighted vanity mirrors are one of the neatest smart home technologies out there. The additional light is downright necessary for certain grooming activities: for example, facial exfoliation, makeup application, and meticulous shaving.

Most importantly, when you don’t need the additional light you can very easily turn it off via smartphone. After all, there’s nothing worse than a blinding bathroom light in the middle of the night. Integrating smart lighting like this is one of the bathroom mirror ideas that can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom.

2. Automatic Soap Dispensers

For homeowners looking for the most hygienic experience available, automatic soap dispensers are exceptional. They allow for a touchless washing experience with infrared sensors to detect your waiting hands. They even display the amount of soap remaining so you can prepare for a refill.

3. Showerhead Featuring Wireless Speakers

Showerheads with wireless speakers are becoming increasingly popular smart home pieces for the bathroom. Previous iterations have existed for years and often tuned in to radio stations. They would clumsily hang over the showerhead, and often lose signal before conking out completely.

The more modern version connects directly into the showerhead itself and uses Bluetooth to connect directly with the music of your choice. Through iPods, smartphones, and computers, this smart home tech is versatile for the bathroom user on the go.

4. Motion-Activated Faucets

Similar to automatic soap dispensers, motion-activated faucets enhance the hygienic experience of your bathroom. By eliminating contact with the faucet, these take you one step closer to a completely sterile bathroom visit. These can also help conserve water, which makes them one of the eco-friendly bathroom ideas.

In conjunction with the soap dispenser, your hands will never feel cleaner. Motion-activated faucets and touchless fixtures are also tips for age-in-place bathroom design that can make your bathroom more accessible and convenient.

Smart Technology Can Elevate Your Bathroom Design

The bathroom is often left to the wayside when considering smart home integrations. But, imagine how invaluable a tool like a wireless showerhead speaker can be when reviewing recorded class sessions for tests, and you’ll never need to fill your soap dispenser with water again with a refill notice on full display!

Using technology like this to add convenience is one of the most popular bathroom design trends. Plus, these are just a few of the various types of smart home technology for your bathroom. And, you can make the rest of your home technologically advanced too with smart home technology for your bedroom, kitchen, and more!