Solar Heating Pros and Cons

March 19, 2018

Solar heating is becoming more and more common, but it may not be for everyone. It can be a complicated process and the pros and cons are enough to make anyone’s head spin. To simplify the decision-making process, these are some of the most prominent solar heating pros and cons.

Pros of Solar Heating

These are some of the main positives of solar heating:


Being able to provide heat off the grid is a major benefit for many homeowners. When the power goes out in the surrounding area, solar panel users will still be up and running. This can be especially important for families in rural areas since repairs for traditional heating methods and restoring access in these areas often takes longer.

Low Maintenance

Once they’re installed, solar panels need very little in the way of maintenance. Many current panels are extremely resistant to weather, cracking, and damage. In fact, they are likely to last for at least 20 years. So, you can skip the bi-annual water heater checkup!

Ongoing Energy Cost Reduction

After they’re in place, the electricity generated from your solar panels is almost completely cost-free. It’s tough to conceptualize; having no monthly utility bill to speak of. Monthly gas bills, large electric bills, and lump oil bills are a thing of the past with solar panels. Over time, this makes them a much better value than traditional heating methods.

Cons of Solar Heating

Unfortunately, solar panels come with their own set of drawbacks, too. These are some of the negative aspects of solar heating:

Sheer Space Requirements

Those solar panels need to go somewhere. You’ll need to either have an area of land or roof space to devote to mounting the panels. Where you place them will also need to have a regular view of the sun; which can be a problem in heavily forested areas.

Initial Investment

Although solar panels are a sound investment long term, the initial cost can be a bit daunting for some homeowners. Luckily, there are quite a few government programs that provide tax breaks to ease the short-term burden.

Reviewing solar heating pros and cons and comparing heating methods can help you decide whether this is a feature you want in your custom home. Need some more help deciding whether solar is a good option for your custom home plans? Give us a call at (717) 284-4090 or contact us today at Custom Home Group!