Is Spray-Foam Insulation Worthwhile?

June 3, 2014

Your home – its structure and construction – serves several basic functions that are vital for your comfort and, in many cases, your survival. Sure, your home is where you keep your stuff, entertain guests, and watch television, but there are more basic, traditional, elemental purposes for your home: specifically, to stay warm or cool in extreme temperatures. Climate control is one of the great developments of the 20th century, but we have, in fact, always had homes where we controlled the temperature and climate indoors in order to have more comfortable, healthier, happier lives.

The Heart of a Home

Homes don’t do this naturally, however. They are built to optimize the cooling and heating process in your home, and over time we have developed more advanced methods of doing so. The use of insulation, in particular, has been key to creating more energy-efficient homes where the indoor temperature is easily controlled and maintained. Not all insulation is created equal, however; various insulations are more or less effective, as well as easier or more difficult to install and maintain.

Spray foam is, increasingly, the insulation of choice for many families and new homeowners. But just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is the most effective or cost-efficient way of doing things, however. So how about it – is spray foam insulation really worth the money?

The Smart Way to Go

Generally speaking – and this varies from area to area and manufacturer to manufacturer, but is generally true – spray foam insulation will run you about twice as much as normal insulation. If you think your budget can handle that cost, then you should consider why spray foam insulation costs you so much, and the answer is: it actually saves you more money over the course of time. Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal that can more effectively keep heat out (or in, as is the case) of your home, saving you money on your energy bills while keeping you cooler or toastier in extreme weather conditions.

In fact, spray foam insulation can reduce home electricity costs by as much as a whopping 50%! Its airtight nature also makes it an effective deterrent to mold, while its solid form also lends itself to strengthening the structural integrity of your walls. Finally, when you eventually come to sell your home, that spray foam insulation is going to be a huge selling point – in fact, you can sell your home for quite a bit more than you otherwise could because of the presence of spray foam insulation!

If you can handle the initial investment, spray foam insulation is quite possibly the only smart way to go when it comes to insulating your home!