5 Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Your Custom Home

April 5, 2018

Whether planning to sell your current home one day or you’re already in your dream custom home, regular home maintenance is important to keep your home protected and in good condition. Spring is a great time to perform seasonal maintenance checks on your home. Winter can leave behind a trail of rapid freezing and thawing, and, with summer just around the corner, it’s key to keep your home in good condition. Plus, with warmer weather and no snow in the way, you can get a better view of exterior maintenance points to identify potential issues. Here are a few spring home maintenance tips to help you care for your home:

1. Check Your Roof for Damage

The repetitive freezing and harsh winds of winter can leave damage all along your roof. Check it for missing shingles, damaged shingles, and to ensure remaining ones are still intact. If you have any areas that are warped or peeling up, however, consider having them replaced quickly. In general, you’re checking for damage that needs to be fixed or signs it’s time to replace your roof. This will ensure your roof continues to protect your home from water damage or moisture.

2. Clear Your Gutters

Dirt, leaves, and other debris might be clogging up your gutters from the previous fall or winter storms. Make sure to clear your gutters of debris as well as checking them for functionality. Heavy ice may also have caused some damage to your gutters during the winter, so check that they are all still firmly attached, and not starting to lean away from your home. This will ensure water is properly drained away from your home and helps to prevent damage.

3. Check Your Outdoor Faucets

The frigid weather of winter may have left some of your outdoor faucets cracked or leaking. Turn each of them on and check the pressure of your water. If it seems like the water pressure is low, you may have a leak or crack somewhere in your pipes. Call a plumber to check it out! When it comes to potential pipe damage, it pays to be cautious. Identifying an issue early and fixing it can help avoid the costly damage from a pipe bursting later.

4. Prep Your HVAC for Summer

When checking your home in the spring, you know that summer heat is coming. It’s better to prepare now than to be stuck in that sweltering heat. Make sure that your cooling unit is operating properly, clean any necessary filters or vents, and have the unit maintenanced if needed. You’ll thank yourself for the foresight when that first heatwave rolls around!

5. Get Outdoor Equipment Ready

Spring often brings yard work along with it. All the outdoor duties of homeowners, like mowing, weed whacking, weeding, and pruning begins in earnest during the spring. Check that all of your outdoor equipment is working before you absolutely need it. No one likes getting a call from the Homeowners Association about unmowed grass because they found out too late that their mower was broken!

With these spring home maintenance tips, you’ll keep your home in tip-top shape. If you’re feeling stuck in your current home and have been dreaming of upgrading to a custom home, contact us at Custom Home Group today and get on your way to making your dream a reality!