Spring Wreaths: Add Some Color to Your Home!

March 21, 2017

While typically associated with Christmas, wreaths are actually a great home decoration for any time of the year. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, or just looking for a fun way to add a little decoration to your front door, the wreath is pretty versatile as decorations go. One of the best parts about spring wreaths is that they are a great way to add a little much-needed color to your home’s exterior while you’re waiting for the last of Winter to finally give way to the growth of spring.

A Decoration of Many Origins

Historically speaking, a wreath is a decoration made of flowers, leaves, twigs, and fruits constructed in the shape of a ring. The word itself wreathe comes from the old English word writha, and the middle English word wrethe, meaning band, hence the shape. However, the wreath as we know it also makes an appearance throughout other places in history. In Ancient Greece and Rome, a wreath of bay laurel was used to celebrate accomplishment or achievement and is where we get the term laurels from.

As our modern Holidays are concerned, the most commonly used material for wreaths is evergreen boughs due to their resilience and ability to withstand harsh Winters and cold temperatures. However, the harvest wreath, which we tend to see in the fall, where meant as an offering to help ward off crop failure for the season. A symbol of good luck and a bountiful harvest before the coming Winter.

Spring Wreaths

Nowadays, wreaths might not carry quite the symbolic significance they once did, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful, especially in the springtime. Additionally, given the step away from the traditional bearings, wreaths can be made from just about anything and are no longer confined to the traditional form of a ring. Here are some of our favorite spring wreath ideas that we’ve come across.

Rain Boot Wreath

If you have young children, then chances are you’ve got some old rainboots that they’ve outgrown. So rather than simply throwing them out, why not turn them into something beautiful? With a little hot glue and some of your favorite mock flowers, you can make something that will last for years to come. Want to take it to a new level? Tuck some glass vases in your old galoshes and you can keep fresh Spring flowers alive, changing them out as the season goes on and new flowers bloom.

Felt Wreath

If you’re really looking to break the mold, why not try your hand at making a felt wreath. Using a simple gold hoop, you can craft a beautiful asymmetrical wreath that is anything but ordinary. Not only are the cost of materials surprisingly low, but this makes for a great DIY handicraft for a rainy weekend.

If you’re looking for some other great DIY spring wreath ideas, there are plenty of cool wreath ideas to bring a breath of fresh air to your front door. Otherwise, just remember that your only limitation is your imagination.

Have a fun and happy spring!