4 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

March 9, 2018

Before you can completely move into your gorgeous new custom home, you likely have to sell your old one. Since a large amount of your furniture may have already been moved, your old home may be left feeling a bit bare. Staging your home can help potential buyers see all of the beautiful aspects that they might have missed while it was empty. Not sure how to stage your home on your own? Here are a few staging tips to sell your home to get you started:

1. Clean up on the Outside

Staging isn’t just for the inside of your home, which is why cleaning up the outside of your home is one of the useful staging tips that can help sell your home. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up – starting with your landscaping. You don’t need to go too far out of your way, but having your lawn regularly cut, bushes and trees trimmed, and some planted flowers or mulch can go a long way. If your home needs it, consider power washing the siding and driveway to get rid of any unwanted mildew or dirt.

2. Focus on the Major Rooms

While every room in your home is important, potential buyers will focus on what are considered the “major” rooms; that is the kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, and living room. Making sure that these rooms are free from clutter, decorated, and have good layouts will go a long way. Bright lighting and clean furniture will ensure these rooms are welcoming.

3. Go for a Popular Style

Having lived in your home for a period of time, it’s likely that the decor has evolved into your personal style. While this may have been great while you were living there, adapting the home’s look to more traditional styles can help you secure a sale. Modern and country are the most popular styles for a home, but be sure to ask your realtor for the most popular decor styles in your area.

4. Get a Second Opinion

Before opening your home to the world, try getting a second opinion first. Friends and family can give invaluable feedback about what they would like to see in a prospective home. In addition, having your realtor give your home a look can give you some good insight about what the market is looking for.

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