8 Stained Glass Ideas For Your Custom Home

January 11, 2024

Even though stained glass windows aren’t as common as they used to be, they are a unique and interesting design element in any home. They look beautiful throughout the home and add charm to any room. Here are a few stained glass ideas for your custom home:

blue glass pendant lights over kitchen island1. Put it Over the Kitchen Sink

If you’re planning to have a window above your kitchen sink, why not add some stained glass? The beautiful glass will be nice to look at while doing dishes or other kitchen prep. It might feel a little surprising to have stained glass in your kitchen but it adds an elegant design element.

Also, you’re not limited to windows when it comes to stained glass. You can also use stained glass in lighting fixtures, kitchen backsplashes, and more to incorporate colorful glass tile accents in unique and interesting ways. 

2. Add it to the Stairwell

Stained glass is a classic architectural feature to add to your home design. Adding a stained glass window to your stairwell is a great way to let in a little bit of extra light. It is also a staircase landing idea that is an unexpected feature that will set your home apart.

3. Channel the Victorians

Stained glass has long been a hallmark of Victorian architecture, which is known for opulence and over-the-top decor. Stained glass windows can bring some of that luxury to your home. Plus, it adds some character to a new home.

4. Keep it Simple

While there are many intricate and beautiful designs available, remember you can keep it simple if you prefer. Sometimes, an understated design makes more of an impression than an over-the-top piece.

5. Try a Cathedral Window

For a truly breathtaking addition, consider a cathedral window. These would be particularly perfect as a great room design idea or in the kitchen. Make sure to tie your window trim in with the rest of your home’s trim so everything feels cohesive.

6. Add a Stained Glass Window to Your Reading Nook

Reading nooks are a nice feature to have in a home full of readers. While adding a bay or bow window to a reading space is a popular reading nook idea, why not make the window stained glass or add stained glass accents?

Adding a stained glass window to the space can make it feel cozier while also allowing natural light to shine through. It’ll add charm and make your readers feel like they’re in another world.

7. Bring Light to Your Bathroom

It can be hard to bring natural light to a bathroom, especially a small one. This is why forgetting to plan for a window in a bathroom is a common bathroom design mistake to avoid. A stained glass window not only brings in natural light but also does the decorating for you.

Stained glass windows are also great for privacy. Pick a stained glass that is opaque so that you still have privacy while also taking advantage of the natural light.

interior entryway with windows and door with glass panels and trim8. Try Stained Glass Transom Windows

Stained glass and transom windows are both classic architectural features. Historically, transom windows were installed in homes for proper airflow. However, with air-conditioning and heating vents, transom windows are now used for decorative purposes. They allow light into a room while keeping the door closed for privacy.

Installing stained glass transom windows is a great way to add a unique touch to your interior doors and is a creative entryway decor idea that can enhance your foyer. They can be simple or you can get intricate designs. No matter what you choose, it will add a unique elegance to your home.

These are just a few stained glass ideas for your custom home. Adding stained glass windows to your home can give your new home character and charm. If you’re inspired by these ideas and you’re ready to start designing your custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!