8 Stunning Stair Runner Ideas

July 11, 2024

One of the best things about designing a custom home is that you get to make all of the choices and details that fit your exact personal style. If your home includes any staircases, you might be thinking about a stair runner. Stair runners are a feature that can add some protection and safety to your steps. Here are eight stunning stair runner ideas to try for your custom home:

What is a Stair Runner?

Stair runners are carpet strips or rugs placed in the center of a staircase. Stair runners are both functional and decorative. They help prevent injury from slipping and can protect your stairs from wear and tear.

A stair runner can add a lot to your decor and is a popular staircase landing idea to try in your home. The right stair runner will properly complement the style of your home by adding some contrast, pattern, or color.

8 Stunning Stair Runner Ideas

There are many different stair runner options to choose from when designing your custom home:

1. Pick a Two-Toned Runner

A stair runner in a two-toned design with bold edges creates an eye-catching look. This bold design will contrast with white or cream walls but can work with any color using complementary colors. If your staircase is in or near your formal living room, implementing a few bold colors is a great formal living room idea that won’t feel stuffy.

2. Go for a Minimalist Look

Does your style lean towards minimalism? If so, a stair runner that has subtle color variations, as well as texture, will add some much-needed interest to the space. Choosing a design like this won’t distract the eye and is a popular summer decor trend. Try a stair runner that is almost all black but with an understated addition of white or cream patterns.

3. Opt for Durability

If your goal is avoiding slipping or tripping, pick a simple but thick-weave runner. These runners are durable and will last through wear and tear. Pick something neutral enough so it will work with almost any style of decor. This is a smart move if you enjoy redecorating every few years or so.

4. Add Some Flair With Animal Print

It can be hard to decorate with animal print. It can sometimes look overwhelming and tacky, but when it’s done right, it can add a bit of eccentricity to any home. A helpful tip for decorating with animal print is to choose a pattern like cheetah or leopard in neutral tones. This keeps the runner from being too overwhelming and taking over the space.

5. Implement Fun Patterns

If you want to incorporate bold patterns into your custom home decor, try a stair runner with a pattern on a small scale and pair it with larger patterns on the wallpaper. Keep the room looking cohesive by sticking to a limited color palette.

6. Add Color With a Stair Runner

A stair runner is a great place to add color especially if you have a neutral color scheme. Pair a lighter blue patterned runner with a black, white, and gray color scheme. This keeps the room feeling calm and airy while still adding color.

7. Keep it Neutral

If you want to keep everything neutral, pick a stair runner with a modern geometric pattern. This geometric pattern in a neutral color keeps everything looking timeless and is a helpful tip to try when decorating with neutrals.

8. Go for a Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic color schemes are a popular home decor trend. Try this trend by pairing a black stair runner with a black staircase for a chic or modern vibe. Finish it off with small silver or gold details to add just a bit of contrast to the monochromatic look.

Build Your Dream Custom Home With CHG

These are just a few stair runner ideas to try in your custom home. ​​If designing a custom home sounds appealing to you, consider working with a custom home builder. Builders that have an in-house design/build process can be helpful.

They can help you compare options and ensure you end up with the home you want. If you’re ready to get started on your dream custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090!