11 Staircase Landing Ideas to Consider For Your Custom Home

November 21, 2023

When it comes to the entryway and staircases in a custom home design, railings, stairs, staircase structure, and materials in those areas tend to be the first things that come to mind. But, there are many opportunities available when it comes to staircase landings. Here are a few staircase landing ideas to consider for your custom home:

1. Use Interesting Wallpaper

One of the ideas for staircase landings is to use interesting wallpaper. Highlighting a stair landing in this way is one of the popular wallpaper trends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bold and bright if that’s not what you’re going for. Wallpaper featuring neutral colors and subtle design can also add a lot of visual interest to an area that can often be overlooked. This is also a great way to work accent walls into your home design in a unique and interesting way.

farmhouse foyer and stairs to second floor2. Add Some Art

Hanging some pictures, posters, or art on the walls is an easy way to add some detail and visual interest to your stair landing. And, because it’s on the walls, you don’t have to worry about taking up valuable floor space on the landing.

That gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunity to feature color, bold patterns, or other things that enhance the style you’re going for. Depending on how much free wall space you’ll have available in the staircase landing and how much art you want to feature, you could even create a gallery wall.

3. Consider Built-In Features

One of the stair landing ideas is to consider built-in features. The options available to you in this space will depend on how large of a staircase landing you are planning to feature in your home design.

In many home designs, staircase landings are popular areas for windows. In addition to the shape, size, and location of the windows, you can also get creative with the glass. Glass treatments, textured glass, and even stained glass ideas can add interesting details to your stair landing windows and the space itself.

If you are planning on a larger landing area and a larger window, you might consider a built-in bench with some shelving and comfortable seating. This is one of the bay window ideas that you can potentially work into a stair landing.

4. Include Some Storage

If your staircase landing will be small, you may not be able to include storage. But, if your home design will feature a larger landing, you can add storage to your home by adding a narrow shelf, a dresser, a cabinet, or some other small or narrow pieces of furniture with built-in storage. These are hallway decor ideas that transition well into stair landing ideas.

5. Put in Some Decor

Even small and narrow staircase landings likely have some room for a little decor. In addition to art on the walls, you can place a plant in the corner or a small table. A tiered table or shelf can be a great way to include some vertical storage and display without taking up a lot of floor space. Corner shelves can be a great fit for a stair landing if there will still be enough room to freely maneuver in the space once you add them.

6. Play Around With Trimwooden staircase with metal railings

There are many types of trim available that can help you enhance a wall and elevate a space. A staircase landing can be a prime opportunity to play around with trim and create an interesting look in an often-overlooked area.

Adding some “bling” to your stairs with trim is one of the creative uses for interior trim. You can implement wainscoting or a chair rail on your stairs and lead it into the landing.

You can also get creative with picture molding, ceiling trim, or even patterned, decorative corner moldings to add interesting aesthetic details to this area. There are plenty of crown molding ideas and other trim ideas that can help your stair landing stand out. 

staircase7. Get Creative With Lighting

Staircases are prime risks for trips and falls, which makes good lighting and sturdy railings in these areas even more important. With so many lighting options available, you don’t have to sacrifice style to get good lighting – you can have both.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to get creative with lighting. You can even mix and match lighting fixtures and styles. Recessed lighting and lighting along the steps can be helpful for getting illumination where you need it for safety and traffic flow.

This is one of the hallway lighting ideas you can repurpose to properly illuminate staircases at night. On top of that, you can add other fixtures to the landing for style and function. Wall sconces can be a popular option as well as hanging fixtures. You can even opt for a chandelier!

8. Hang a Mirror

When placed strategically, mirrors can reflect natural light and brighten up a space. This is one of the home decor tips for using mirrors that you can take advantage of if you will have a window in your staircase landing. Even if not used for this purpose, hanging a mirror can be useful for a last-minute check before reaching the entryway and leaving the house.

It can be useful for guests coming and going. Even if it’s not hung up specifically for that purpose, mirrors can also enhance your decor and become a focal point, especially if you experiment with shapes, creative frames, and interesting placement.

9. Incorporate Some Seating

A bay window with a built-in bench is a classic seating option when you have this type of window. If you’re planning on a larger staircase landing, but won’t be including a bay window or picture window where a bench might make sense, you can incorporate seating in other ways.

Provided it doesn’t impede traffic flow or take up too much space on the landing, you can put chairs in the corners. If there is enough floor space on the landing, you could even include a small couch or loveseat.

10. Enhance the Floorwinding staircase

Interesting patterns, area rugs, and carpet are all flooring trends. And, you can use them to enhance the floor of your staircase and landing. A runner with a geometric pattern, an interesting design, or a bold color can make your staircase and stair landing stand out while also adding some cushion to a hard floor.

Depending on the flooring option you choose, you can also play with patterns and colors in the flooring material itself. Different types of wood offer different grain patterns and colors, even if you’re opting for luxury vinyl or a material that mimics a certain look. You can also play with different finishes to add a subtle touch that enhances the overall look and feel of your staircase.

double staircase11. Frame the Landing With Unique Railings

Although the railings usually aren’t part of the staircase landing itself, they do surround and frame it. By implementing creative staircase railing design ideas, you can add a unique look to your staircase that leads into and out of your staircase landing.

Try mixing materials, like wooden stairs with metal railings. Opt for railings that feature unique or interesting details in the spindles or play around with different colors. There are a lot of things you can do and combinations you can create with staircase railings that can stand out or add a subtle touch that can help your staircase landing ideas make a big impact.

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