Which is Better – Street-Facing Garage Entrance or Side Entrance?

December 29, 2015

When building your custom home, there are always a lot of choices you will need to make. What design features you want, how many rooms and the sizes of each room, and the layout of your home. You’ll also have the option of adding a garage to your home. If you choose to build one with your home, you’ll need to decide where it goes and how big it might be. Do you want a street-facing garage entrance or a side entrance garage? Here are some things to consider before deciding on a certain design.

1. Think About Parking and Vehicle Flow

Thinking about parking and vehicle flow can help you determine a street-facing vs side-entry garage entrance and also can help you choose the right garage door.

Street-facing garages are garages that have doors facing the street. This type of garage is a convenient option because they make parking much easier. It’s much easier to turn off your street and pull directly into your garage, which often means there will be less maneuvering to park.

The drawback to this is that it can be trickier when leaving your home because you may need to back out into a busy street. Also, when other cars are parked in your driveway, it may block your cars in your garage, which makes it difficult to leave and arrive.

On the other hand, side entrance garages have garage doors that do not face the street; rather, they are on the side of your home. If you’re building in the suburbs or in a rural area, side entrance garages may be the best choice for you.

Side entrance garages allow you to have a bigger driveway, which may make it easier to park and leave with ease. And when other cars are parked in your driveway, they will not block your home because they will be on the side, rather than in front of your home. These are some of the pros of side-entry garages.

2. Consider How the Garage Will Affect the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Street-facing garages are also a good way to boost curb appeal. They can help add symmetry to your home and balance. Some may think the large garage doors can be an eyesore, but there are many pleasing design features for this type of garage.

Try some carriage door-style doors for a modern farmhouse exterior design or a door that nicely matches your home. Your garage door makes a statement so choose something you like and something that goes with your home.

Side entrance garages can also boost curb appeal as they can often be larger garages with more convenient parking. Often, a garage on the side can be useful when you want the focus to remain on your front door and porch.

3. Determine How Much Space You Want to Dedicate to the Garage

How you want to use the garage, how big you want it to be, etc. will determine how much space you need to dedicate to it on your lot and can help determine which is better for you – street-facing garage entrance or side entrance. Making sure you have enough space is one of the garage must-haves, so it’s not a decision you want to make lightly.

A street-facing garage entrance tends to take up less space on your lot as the driveway leads right to it. With a side entrance, the driveway often has to be larger or extend around to meet the garage entrance. This is one of the reasons why a side entrance garage tends to work best on a larger lot or on a corner lot.

Often, side entry garages are best if you want to build a larger garage. Because of its location, you won’t need to worry about it overwhelming your home. This way you can house your cars, family’s belongings, and maybe even have a workshop area. It will be easier to house multiple cars, too. A three-car garage tends to be much more feasible when built with a side entrance design.

Although a street-facing garage can be made large enough to accommodate extra space and features, it also often means extending further into the front of the lot instead of expanding on the side. Depending on your lot, the positioning of your custom home, and more, one option may be a better fit over the other.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you decide between a street-facing garage entrance or side entrance for your garage. The entrance is just one of the essential garage considerations for your custom home. When weighing your garage options, you simply need to decide what your needs are. Will you need more space for an extra vehicle down the road? Do you want easier, pull-in parking?

These are all good questions to ask, and it’s a good idea to explore the pros and cons of front-facing garage entrances and of side-entry garages. An experienced custom home builder can help you work through them if you don’t know which option would be the best fit for you. When you’re ready to get started designing and building your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090. We’ll help bring your dream home to life!