4 Easy, Fun Summer Craft Ideas For Kids

June 15, 2017

Summer is here, which means kids will be free from school and will need activities to keep them occupied. It’s a great time of year, but finding sources of entertainment can be tricky for parents with energetic kids.

One avenue that can offer many, many possibilities is crafting. Crafting is a fun, skill-building endeavor both for children and adults alike. You can work on crafts together and help your children foster creativity and handiwork skills. There is an endless number of crafts out there.

4 Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Below are a number of ideas for projects you can work on with your children:

1. Nature Collage

A nature collage will involve spending time collecting trinkets from nature, such as leaves, shells, sticks, and more. This will encourage kids to join in on walks, hikes, and nature observations. After they have gathered their favorites, they can glue the items, set them in clay, or showcase them in a dry frame. If they want to add more color, they can then paint over the items they have collected.

2. Painting Birdhouses

Painting is always a go-to, and incorporating an incentive, like helping birds, goes a long way. Many DIY birdhouses can be inexpensive, as low as $8! When painting birdhouses, please be certain that the paint is nontoxic, and avoid colors that are too dark to prevent overheating their inhabitants over the summer.

3. Dying Shells and T-Shirts

If you go to the beach this season, collecting shells is a fun way to pass the time. Walking with your children, talking, and helping them become more observant by finding shells is something they will love. Taking those shells back home can lead to further entertainment. For example, you can dye them, much in the same manner that you would dye Easter eggs.

End up with leftover dye? Use it to make tie-dye T-shirts or pillowcases! With this craft, your child will have a memento of this summer that they will always be able to enjoy.

4. DIY Wind Chimes

Any spare tin cans you may have used can now transform into wind chimes. When in doubt, falling back on the typical tools of crafting never hurts. Googly-eyes, glitter, paint, glue, stickers, and anything else you may think of will let your kids take full advantage of their creativity. Once completed, you can string them up together so they overlap one another and make music in the wind.

Crafts allow people to explore their creativity and handiwork. So, don’t be afraid to ask your kids what sort of items they would like to create or work on – they will certainly give you a great number of ideas.