6 Summer Farmhouse Decor Ideas

September 17, 2019

Farmhouse decor can be a great way to add a simple and comfortable country feel to your home. The great thing about this decor style is that it has a lot of options and variety. This means you can switch things up for the season and still match the overall farmhouse theme. Here are some summer farmhouse decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Create a Summery Wooden Sign

Weathered, repurposed, or vintage wooden signs can give your porch or interior design a little bit of farmhouse flair. Adding a summer-themed wooden sign to your decor is a great summer farmhouse idea. Whether it’s woodburning, bright paint, or something else, there are a lot of options with wooden signs and plenty of tips for making your own signs.

2. Add Some Farm-Themed Furniture

A lot can be done with milk crates, wooden barrels, wooden pallets, milk cans, and more. A lot of these items have been transformed into furniture that fits perfectly with farmhouse decor. Any of these items can be added into a room as a standalone piece of decor, but they are more functional when they are used as part of a furniture piece.

A glass coffee table with a wagon wheel base can be a unique focal point for a room. Milk can or wood barrel side tables or milk crate or pallet bookshelves can also add some farmhouse-style furniture to a room.

3. Hang a Welcoming Summer Wreath

Although wreaths are usually found as fun front door decor, they are versatile pieces that can go just about anywhere. A welcoming summer wreath can be put on your front door, hung on the wall of an interior room, or placed on a shelf or mantel to add a little brightness and farmhouse decor to the space.

Look for wreaths featuring bright colors and flowers, fun phrases, or other elements that give off that warm, welcoming, and refreshing summer feeling. You can also look for wreaths that use a unique base. A wide-brimmed straw hat or a small wooden wheel makes a great base for flowers and other decorations to create a farmhouse wreath.

4. Place Summer Flowers Around the House

Flowers may be associated with spring in general and are spring farmhouse decor ideas, but they can also add a summer farmhouse look to your home. Choose an arrangement of summer blooms, real or artificial, and place them around the house in farmhouse-style planters. Wooden planters, old bottles, milk bottles, mini-pallet planters, and more can all give your flower arrangements that extra farmhouse feel.

5. Bring Mason Jars Into the Decor Mix

Mason jars scream farmhouse decor and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. They can hold utensils in the kitchen, be planters for small bouquets of flowers around the house, serve as drinking glasses, be hung up as sconces or hanging jars for items, and more.

They can even be painted and decorated and then placed in the bathroom as a set or have functional pumps or other tops added to them. Since mason jars are available in a variety of sizes, you can get really creative with how you use these items in your decor whether they’re purely decorative or made to be more functional.

6. Use Wicker Baskets and Wooden Crates for Storage

Whether you’re storing decorative items as part of a centerpiece or need something for storage on shelves or in cubbies, wicker baskets and wooden crates are a great choice. Not only can they securely hold a lot of items, but they also look great doing it and add a farmhouse feel to any room.

These are just a few summer farmhouse decor ideas to get you started. Because the farmhouse style is so versatile, there are so many options to choose from and it’s hard to go wrong.

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