6 Summer Outdoor Decor Ideas

April 29, 2021

Creating an inviting and relaxing outdoor space during the summer months can be fun and easy. Plus, updating your outdoor decor can increase your home’s curb appeal and increase the enjoyment you get from your home in the summer. Here are a few summer outdoor decor ideas to inspire you:

1. Add Ambient Lighting to Outdoor Spaces

You have a lot of outdoor lighting options available to make sure you have the light you need for your outdoor spaces. On top of a functional mix, you can also get creative and decorative with some additional ambient lighting.

If bugs bother you when you are outside, you can use citronella candles to help keep them at bay. These candles are available as torches, large candles, small votive candles, and more, so you’re bound to find a style that works for you and keeps you safe from biting pests.

You can also add soft lighting with repurposed Christmas lights or firefly lights. Additionally, you can place LED candles in glass jars among your plants and around your outdoor space to add some soft illumination in the evening without ruining your view of the night sky.

2. Revamp Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether on your front porch or in an outdoor living space in the backyard, one of the great summer outdoor decor ideas is to revamp your outdoor furniture. Depending on what you have and the condition it’s in, you can repaint it, get new cushions for it, or replace it entirely.

You can also take a renewed look at the space you have available and reconsider the types of outdoor furniture you need. Perhaps it’s time to add a lounger in the backyard or some rocking chairs on the front porch? Or, maybe you finally have space for the porch swing you’ve always wanted?

3. Upgrade Your Landscaping

Regular maintenance and cleanup is one of the landscaping tips for summer and so is getting ideas and doing some research. Being out in your yard in the summer is a great time to take stock of what you have and what you would like to have.

Do you want to start a backyard garden or expand the one you have? Summer is a great time to start planning for that and prepping the space. You can also think about adding plants under trees or adding new types of foliage to your yard.

Another way to upgrade your landscaping is to consider the current state of your hardscaping. How is your driveway or patio holding up? Do you have convenient walkways leading where you want them to? Is it finally time for the outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of?

4. Take Hygge Outside

Hygge is a Danish concept focused on comfort and is used to represent a moment that is cozy, charming, or special. It has become a lifestyle trend over the years focused on feeling a cozy contentment through enjoying the simple things in life. It’s been a popular interior design trend for years, but you can also take it outside for your summer outdoor decor.

Summer hygge could be reflected in decor like cool colors, chiffon canopies, copper string lights, natural light, and light and airy fabrics. It could also simply be upgrading your furniture cushions for something bigger, softer, and more comfortable or adding a fire pit to your patio or deck.

The best thing when it comes to creating a cozy hygge room or bringing a touch of hygge outside is that it’s completely personal. Whatever summer outdoor decor ideas bring you feelings of comfort and cozy contentment are a good fit.

5. Update Your House Numbers

Updating your house numbers is a small summer outdoor decor idea that can have a big impact. You could do something simple to give your numbers a fresh look or go with something more modern or creative.

Whether you update the style, put them on a wooden block, or mount them among fake grass, make sure they are easy to read from a distance and are mounted under an exterior light. Your house numbers should match the style of your home, but it’s most important for them to highly visible.

6. Make a Custom Sign

You can make your own clever signs at home for a fun activity that also upgrades an outdoor space. Because signs have become so popular as decor, you can also opt to buy one from a store or commission a custom one from an artist you like if DIY isn’t something you want to try.

Signs can be posted in a garden, by the driveway or porch, or hung on a wall outside. Depending on how you have designed and laid out your outdoor spaces, signs can be a great way to help you create specific zones or sections and also set the mood for that area.

These are just a few summer outdoor decor ideas to inspire you; many of which could also overlap and be turned into farmhouse landscaping ideas. If no amount of remodeling or redecorating makes your current house feel like home, consider investing in a custom home that is designed and built to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to get started on your own custom home, contact Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090. We can help bring your dream home to life!